Week 10: Milan - Chievo (Wednesday, October 28 - 20:45 CET)
Week 10! 10th vs 11th showdown. We welcome Chievo to the San Siro for this round of midweek fixtures after a much needed victory against Sassuolo. I saw a bit of the Napoli game vs Chievo and although I would expect to take all three points from this tie, Chievo did cause Napoli some trouble from time to time and we should not underestimate them. It is also important to put in a good performance for morale and to build up momentum to a difficult away game vs Lazio.

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Only 7 points off 1st place! #scudettochallenge
Siamo a posto cosi.
If the players can continue where they left off at the end of the second half vs Sassuolo then we have a good chance. If they get complacent like they usually do, we are screwed. The next few games are like a final for us- we need to win them.
(10-26-2015, 03:04 PM)Mystik Wrote: Only 7 points off 1st place! #scudettochallenge

Thanks, man. I appreciate your sense of humor.  Okmilan

We have never lost to Chievo at San Siro. Time to write a new record? Grinundwech
If we can build at all from the Sassuolo match, then we can win. Somedevil posted a decent article on Chievo this season in the Tactics and Theorem's thread, would recommend reading it ahead of the match.

I'm in the same mood ahead of this as Sassuolo, they're a tough team to face having had a good start to the season, but we can win.
I heard a rumor that Miha must gain 7 points from Torino, Sassuolo, and Chievo to stay.

I have many words to say about this coach, but for now: Forza Miha!!!

EDIT: and coach, you should personally train our teenage GK for taking freekicks Big Grin
This is what I would like to see....

Abate - Alex - Romagnoli - Antonelli
Cerci - Kucka - Monto - Berto- Bona

At some point, it would be nice to see how a 4-4-2 would work with Adriano instead of Kucka.

Donnarumma did enough to keep his spot. Why bench him now and kill his confidence. Keep the kid in goal.

I'm scared of Alex. He is due for one of his stupid mistakes after a good game against Sassuolo. But, when I look at the other options....it's a case of "pick your poison". At least he is coming out of a good game so let's hope he keeps that up.

Poli should return to his warm bench spot. I like that Miha is using him for a few mins a game and only started because Bertolacci was coming from an injury. The difference was obvious yesterday. Even an off form Bertolacci is so much better in so many ways.

We need to string a few wins in a row here. It'll do wonders for our confidence and hopefully we stay close to that 3rd spot come January......
Miha's pre match press conference:


I thought his comment on moving to 4-4-2 was interesting. I think we saw some positive signs against Sassuolo when effectively shifted to 4-4-2 (or 4-2-4 even). Bertolacci certainly showed an understanding of playing in central midfield, whereas Montolivo could be happier having a player like that next to him to lift some of the burden and responsibility he has.
I thought that was the best we've played all season. After Berto and Adriano came on to make the formation a 4-4-2, or 4-2-4 like you said.

Now, I'm not one to attribute success to a formation. For me, the movements within the system and attitude to execute tasks is what brings success. For example, against Sassuolo we were chasing the result and wanted to win at home. The urgency, the intensity, and the drive we saw in that span of 15-20 mins was the best we've seen all season. You could see that the players wanted to win that game at all costs. Playing fast and with urgency. Moving the ball vertically, wanting to create and put Sassuolo on their back foot.

The only issue is, it is very hard to judge how much of that was due to Sassuolo's fatigue due to playing a man down, their willingness to sit back because they were satisfied with a tie after playing with 10 man, etc.

So I think this game against Chievo will answer some of those questions. Hopefully we take another 3 points but also show signs that the team is headed in the right direction.
Agree in every regard.
I feel a win here , maybe a good one 3-0