Gianluigi Donnarumma
We are going to face Antonio Donnarumma this Sunday. He plays for Genoa. Maybe the brothers can exchange the shirts, even though Antonio probably most likely will be on the bench. Smile
An interesting article on young Gigio
absolutely agree. the only concern is that his agent (I believe that it is that fat bastard Raiola, no?)
He's a great player but I'm not getting attached. I know he's going to be sold to balance the books.
I wouldn't be too concerned about Donna being used for cash. Not for a few years. Unless the team is bankrupt, I mean officially going under.
Yea, he's going to stay for at least a little while. I think it's a little biased to say we'd sell him, I know we've been known for selling off our stars to balance the books but they were players like Shevchenko, Kaka. Most of our players who were homegrown and Italian have stayed until their late years. Italian players in general dont normally go abroad to play as well. Donnarumma did say he wants to win CL with Milan and retire here.
Chelsea apparently scouting him
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Donnarumma & Donnarumma Heart
Donnarumma is only 16, so he may be our goalkeeper for the next 20 years. Without him, in 20 years how many gk should be buy? It's easy to understand that if we look at a long-term future, selling Donnarumma would be reasonable only for a crazy amount of money.
The problem is that we don't know if the present management wants to think to a long-term future.

I don't give credit to Chelsea rumours because they already have a phenomenal goalkeeper like Courtois, who is only 23.
Wow, if you think of it, IF Donnarumma can continue this growth curve, he is potentially our next Maldini. I hope that he won't be sold for any amount of money, even just to show our ambition.