Gianluigi Donnarumma
I am hoping that we can sell him this summer for 100m, now that the contract is renewed.
Does anyone have details about the clauses, I can't see any clarity in any reports about it still:

Quadruple handshake at the end...


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I'm *somewhat* surprised by the comments that I am seeing on here. Doesn't the player have a right to negotiate the best deal for him or herself? Is he supposed to work for less than market value just out of love for their club? The same clubs that move players around like commodities as it suits them? This is a profession - not a hobby. You don't do the same in your workplace so I don't see why a player should just sign without taking care of themselves first. Outside of Milan circles, a lot of ex-pros have said that they wouldn't have even renewed and would rather see out the contract and have more negotiating power. At the very least, the renewal protects us and allows us to ask for a bit more of a fee if we decide to sell him but I think there was a lot of panic and outcry for nothing.
Siamo a posto cosi.
It is the tactic and release clause Mystik. Milan did offer 4 to 6 million but had to wait for answer even for the 6.

But beyond that even if he helps us win lots he doesn't deserve 6, you can quote me in a few years if you like, of course it is my opinion. I would accept paying 6 in 10-15 years of service, not at 18 not even 23.
Exactly reza. And its not 6 but 7, since the brother will be earning 1 mil, and he wont play, ever.

Im OK with Dollarumma getting paid that much. What I'm not OK with is the way we got to that point, + the clauses, of course. I'm pretty sure that, had he said something like "I want 6 mil, and I'll sign immidiately" that he would have gotten it relatively quickly, without all the fuss.

PS I'm pretty sure I fucked up the tenses, that was never my strong point in english Big Grin
Mirabelli looks like the funny guy (but probably also not someone easy to deal with) while Fassone has the serious look ...

PS : My comment just shows ... that the guy renewed, cool, let's go on ! Ahah
One should not speak ill of the dead.
So stop laughing at Juventus !
Well, good he has signed a new contract from professional point of veiw. So, he should play like profi, mistakes won't be tolerate since he is already part of high-paid players.

It is good for Milan but we should not give back our heart easily to him. However some actions could make fans turn back to him again like rejecting Real when he reach top of level as GK. Until now, he could go easily to other club, I just look at him as player who play as profi, he plays he get paid not more than that.
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I wonder if raiola said this on his own or litle rat asked him to...

Montella demanted such a "promise".
Avaiting forĀ arrival of exorcist into our boardroom.
That's surely Raiola. It's laughable stuff though, simply no chance of Donnarumma getting this armband after the debacle this summer. He's lucky if he'll ever be in contention for it now.
Despite getting a lucrative contract for Donnarumma, Raiola did a bad job with damaging his cllient's image, so he tries to win something back. And yes, that's laughable.