Gianluigi Donnarumma
(02-16-2016, 07:03 PM)xudong Wrote: Wow, if you think of it, IF Donnarumma can continue this growth curve, he is potentially our next Maldini. I hope that he won't be sold for any amount of money, even just to show our ambition.

He has the potential to be the best GK ever. I'm serious by writing that. He has it all (from technical skills to physical skills without forgetting charisma and coolness, and he's only 16, soon 17).
One should not speak ill of the dead.
So stop laughing at Juventus !
Luca, I agree with pretty much everything you said, but don't be surprised if Chelsea do go after Donnarumma, even with Courtois. In recent years they're stockpiling young talents, often with a view of nothing more than beating off competition and possibly making a profit. Those who work out will play with them, those who don't will generally go out on loan or be sold, but they want ownership of young talents.

United are also worth being wary of, they are spending insane money to buy young talents. With De Gea likely to leave at some point, they will want a replacement.
ACMILAN1983, I agree with you, this is Chelsea policy: I can see them doing it for other roles but not for a second goalkeeper. Usually teams buy a talented second goalkeeper if it's free agent (as Juventus with Neto), close to contract expiry date (Barcellona with ten Stegen, if I remember well the affair) or not too expensive (Keylor Navas at Real Madrid). It would be crazy to offer 40 millions for Donnarumma when you already have Courtois and there are only six years of difference between them.

Manchester United, if De Gea goes to Madrid, will need a new goalkeeper and they could make a super offer for Donnarumma (even if they already bought from us a goalkeeper in 1999-2000, Massimo Taibi, and he was a failure, but this is a very different story).

There are also rumours about Barcellona, with scouts of the team at San Siro for Milan-Genoa to see Gigio and Romagnoli.

Let's see what happens. Donnarumma is a very intelligent guy, serious and hard-worker even if he is only 16. He is a big Milan supporter, he decided to come here when also Inter was trying to buy him.

I'm worried only from two things:
- Galliani and our management, who care more about capital gains and donating money to Preziosi and agents friends rather than building a strong team
- his agent Mino Raiola.
Pretty much agree completely with your points there. I'm confident if we want to keep Donnarumma and are prepared to reject all offers, we can.
Berlusconi however said today that they want to keep the young talents. But then again we know how much his word is worth. Let's just hope he is serious this time.
Let's hope he's being honest. I'll believe the words when I see the action.
he's 17 today! Happy Birthday Gigio!
Happy birthday Donnarumma! I was busy playing super nintendo when I was your age !

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Happy Birthday to him
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