Gianluigi Donnarumma
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17 and better than many 34 Big Grin
Donnarumma ‘hoped for Azzurri’
By Football Italia staff

Gigi Donnarumma admits ‘I hoped for an Italy call-up’ and reveals ‘I dream of wearing the Milan captain’s armband.’ 

The goalkeeper has been one of the revelations of the season in Serie A, making his debut aged 16 under Sinisa Mihajlovic.

He was overlooked by Antonio Conte for the Azzurri’s Euro 2016 squad, an omission which he admits disappointed him.

“Of course I hoped for a call-up to the national team,” Donnarumma told Gazzetta dello Sport.

“I clung onto that dream until the end, but I’m happy to have made my debut with the Under-21s and to know that Luigi Di Biagio relies on me.

“My personal objective is always to continue to improve, Milan’s goal next year must be to get back into Europe and then we’ll see.

Long-term future? I hope to still be at Milan, with the captain’s armband. It would be the culmination of a dream I’ve had since I was a child.

“Buffon’s heir? I don’t know about that. But I admit that his compliments are the ones that have pleased me the most.

“Berlusconi has complimented me a lot this year and has also given me some advice, especially regarding earrings and tattoos. He doesn’t want me to have them and indeed I don’t.

“Milan’s sale? I can’t imagine a Milan without Berlusconi. And I like the idea of a young, Italian Milan.”

The young goalkeeper also commented on Napoli’s season, as he is from a town close to the port city.

“Napoli is a great club and one of the best teams in our league,” he said.  

“They did really well this season, but the defeat in Turin let the Bianconeri past and they continued until the end with a winning streak that nobody could oppose.”
Captain for the future? I dont mind.. We dont have one, even now
Baresi became the captain when he was 22.
He is set to be called up to the Azzurri, at 17 and a half years old he will be youngest call up in 105 years.
What an honor that would be! Okmilan

It is going to be great experience for him even if he doesn't get any minute.
Made his debut for Italy last night against France. Came on as a substitute for Buffon who made his debut 16 months before Donnarumma was even born!
He also sets the record for being the youngest national team debutant in the last 105 years, beating out Bergomi I believe.

Very happy for the kid.
Nice article about Gigio
The comments by Raiola of late worry me a bit with Gigio. Not to say I think he's leaving at this point, but I think Raiola could make it very difficult for the Chinese to renew his contract and we probably will have to be prepared to offer quite a massive sum of money to keep him.

I think Fassone and Mirabelli would be smart to act quickly on 2 things. The first is giving Donnarumma the guarantees he needs to understand he's invaluable and considered un-sellable to Milan. This conversation would probably be much easier if it was Maldini talking to Gigio tbh.

The second is I think they need to "make friends" with Raiola. It's a pain, I can't stand that guy, but he can make life very awkward for us if we're not careful. I'm not saying it needs to be Galliani levels, which are just dodgy, but certainly enough to try and make him easier to deal with.