Gianluigi Donnarumma
I am worried about him starting at Olimpico. That is a hostile unforgiving crowd. Miha however is doing the right thing by choosing players based on their training level.
Donnarumma's given a fairly interesting interview ahead of the Juve match
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[Image: VkVm8CF.png?1]
Wow that's impressive
(12-11-2015, 07:50 PM)WCmilan Wrote: Wow that's impressive

These stats show how good Donnarumma is and how he is on the way to become the next big GK in the world ... But I think nowadays, it mainly shows how bad our defence (as a team) is ...
One should not speak ill of the dead.
So stop laughing at Juventus !
I agree, I seem to think we'd be a lot lower in the table if it wasn't for Gigi's contributions, as well as Romagnoli. They're the glue keeping this team remotely together in the back.
He is ridiculously cool and calm for his age! Really it is quite unbelievable that a 16year old GK has managed to grab a starting spot in Serie A, usually 16 year olds cannot even start in Primavera, pretty much.

Donna is outstanding and something really unique. Next Peruzzi.Big Grin
True. He is ridiculously cool for his age, and he is really agile for his size. He is fine as he is, but I certainly hope that he can further improve!
Peruzzi's a name I've not heard in a while lol. An interesting article about Donnarumma today...

Interesting to note that Bianchessi is the one to have scouted him. He's been scouting for us for a few years now, and was involved in bringing in guys like Mastour and DES (I think). Now while these guys haven't necessarily panned out (who knows, there's still time), I must say Bianchessi seems a great resource for the club.
I remember his older brother a couple of years ago said something in the lines of "I have a little brother who is just 10, but he is much better than I am and willl develop into a worldclass keeper soon."
Big Grin