Week 12: Milan - Atalanta (Saturday, November 7 - 20:45 CET)
(11-08-2015, 06:01 AM)nefremo Wrote:  We BADLY need another midfielder this winter.

We will have K.P.Boateng. Ole . Every time i look at list of our "players" i want to cry.
After this upcoming winter transfer market, i seriously doubt that i'll continue to be able to keep my tears anymore.
Avaiting for arrival of exorcist into our boardroom.
(11-07-2015, 11:45 PM)ElMago99 Wrote: Where is Menez and Balotelli if you don't mind me asking?  I've been out of the game awhile....

Looking at the squad.. it seems the best team we have on paper is:


Now, obviously Bacca is also very good and can play instead of Balotelli, and I realize we had two injuries and a suspension, but shouldn't that be our normal 11?  Or am I missing something?

You are missing Bacca , he is better as a striker than anyone we have he has had 13 chances IIRC and scored 6 goals .If chances are created he will score he's good at finishing passing hilding up the ball good positioning.DES is bad its seems to go beyond form he still plays like a promising 18 year old no progression.Maybe in a better defence he wouldnt look as poor but we dont have a great defence and need him to step up or stop playing.

Our midfield is only okay the way you put it on paper but take out 1 of them and we suffer majorly.We need 2 very good CM's a quality CB around 26 to 28 to calm and play alongside Romagnoli and that could see us push for 3rd but without that we''ll struggle for Europa League
I understand frustrations at this result and performance, but we need to be realistic about the quality of this squad too imo. Jay's mentioned it many times and I find it difficult to disagree, but this squad is very average on the whole. The performance and result from last week didn't mean that this squad was better than we thought, while the performance this week wasn't a huge surprise given the players on the pitch.

If we look at the best side we've fielded this season, I'd say it's this:


On an individual level, Donnarumma's a massive risk that until now has paid off. The backline is actually not that bad, despite DES not performing as hoped. However, as we saw, there's not great depth, soon as Alex or Romagnoli are missing, we're playing Mexes and Zapata, which in all honesty are mistakes or red cards waiting to happen.

The midfield is generally well below expectation, Montolivo is a good player when in form and overall I actually think he's done well this season. Bertolacci too is a very good player, but realistically this isn't a player a team with the expectations of Milan would normally rely on as a leader, he's only just come in as the star player from a midtable side. Kucka's not even that, he was a bench player at an overperforming midtable side last year and has never shown to be more than a midtable player. At best he's a bench player.

Bonaventura's a lot like Bertolacci, he was a star at Atalanta, but is just expected to take on the pressure of starring for Milan. Cerci is a player that for over a year now hasn't performed even to an adequate level, it's beyond comprehension he'd be a starter at Milan.

Bacca is probably the player with the most realistic possibilities of taking on the responsibilities that come with playing for Milan given his years at Sevilla. However, he's not close to our forwards in the past if we talk about ability.

We can talk about guys like Menez and Balotelli being our most talented players, which they possibly are, but they're anarchists that until now in their career have never succeeded in working in a team.

I think Miha's doing what he can with an incomplete team, never mind the lack of depth in the squad. What we saw vs Atalanta were the issues we face when almost a third of the already incomplete side is missing crucial players. The damage is from years of mismanagement and his work to bear fruit is going to take time, if it will at all. Our best hope to rebuild are guys like Donnarumma, potentially DES, Romagnoli, Calabria, Bertolacci, Bonaventura and maybe Niang, but these guys are being asked to rebuild Milan's status with no experience nor expectation that they are world class players. They have little support and huge pressure, without having anyone around them who knows how to deal with it all.
So I don't show up during the game and 2 points dropped. Coincidence? I think not.
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