Week 12: Milan - Atalanta (Saturday, November 7 - 20:45 CET)
id take dcs out. asshole will get second yellow
@Ryo Yeh one thing Kuco needs to work on in the off season is his shooting. Just atrocious.
Cerci breaking up our own attack again...
I smell Honda coming on earlier than normal today
Niang impressing as much as Cerci has disappeared this match.
That said, after the 35th minute I didn't see us create any decent chances.
Their shorty of a forward is annoying the hell out of me with his pressing though.
We got the young 'un's. We take out big gunz  Devilcool
Rough first half to watch. We looked to settle down then we didn't. Overall no one in control or threatening. Defense settling down which is def good to maintain a point.
I like the way we're playing in comparison to previous months and years. This is the first game I've seen in a long long time.

However, if 4-3-3 is way to play, sell Honda and Suso and buy some proper midfielders instead of this KUCO or whatever his name is and Poli... then in the coming years we will have a good team... not great.. but good.
We're really missing Bona and Berto today, we don't have players in the middle to hold the ball and control the tempo. Niang's done well, but in the role Cerci was good in last week, running at opponents at pace, we need someone to pick the passes though, it's all very scrappy.

I think DES was ok, his yellow wasn't as bad as it initially looked, he went in aggressively, but it wasn't with studs showing or anything. The kick on Pinilla was more the Chilean looking to get him sent off. Miha might need to replace him though, because he's on thin ice.

Our work off the ball isn't too bad, it's when we're on it we're lacking the technical qualities to use possession correctly.

Ryo, which forward? They have Gomez on the left against DES and Moralez on the right against Antonelli. Got to say, Atalanta in general playing well. Their pressing is good and I can see why they are doing quite well in the league this year.
Not a good first half. Atalanta was the much more talented team and controls the midfield. Our midfielders and defenders had difficulty dealing with their speed and skill.

Niang was a pleasant surprise, and created much headache to the Atalanta defense. My only concern is that he is not on the same rhythm with the rest of our team either, so he can be a two-edged sword. If used well, we can hurt Atalanta badly; we have to be careful too to protect the space that leaves and not to get caught by counterattack.

We missed Bonaventura. We were relying on Niang and Cerci to bring the ball up the field, but Cerci made several scary mistakes early on. Niang has been okay.

De Sciglio is lucky to be still staying on.
This is a difficult match. Atalanta aren't making it easy for us. They keep it tight at the back, and try to hit us on the counter when we give them a bit of space. I am actually pretty happy with our midfield, but our attackers are struggling. It might be that we need to bring Adriano on, as he has more of a physical presence inside the box.