Week 14: Milan - Sampdoria (Saturday, November 28 - 20:45 CET)
As has been alluded to recently, we have a decent run of games coming up with which we can, should, and must look to gain as close to maximum points as possible if we are even going to dream of making a serious push for CL football. 

Milan vs Sampdoria
Carpi vs Milan
Milan vs Hellas Verona
Frosinone vs Milan
Milan vs Bologna

If we are to be taken seriously, we need to get 10+ points from these fixtures IMO. There are obviously potential banana skins but when your next 5 games comprise 4 of the bottom 5 teams in the league, you best be aiming for maximum points. I haven't seen much of Sampdoria but their results suggest a serious inconsistency with them being able to pick up good points from the top teams and drop them elsewhere.

News, lineups, etc to follow. After a decent run of good performances, we need to get back to winning ways ASAP before this team suffers a psychological breakdown.
Siamo a posto cosi.
Bologna is fairly dangerous with Donadoni as their new coach...not too sure about them or Sampdoria but other then that I look forward to these fixtures.

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let's get 15 points out of those 5 games, then we can talk about top 3.
I think 15 points has to be the aim without question. Anything less is a set back.
One game at a time, don't want the players to even think of one game ahead. The target should always be 3 points, 3 points, etc.
Agree Reza. But I think everyone is looking forward to the winter break and possibly getting a couple of reinforcements, while in the meantime we need to keep pace with the top sides....and the next 5 games are going to be key to that. We are either going to gain a lot of points from them (should be aiming at 15, but 13 is acceptable imo). So these 5 games can with high possibility (if we get max point) brings us within 4,5 points of 3rd spot or even closer.....or we can be 10+ points away from that goal....and quite honestly, it may be game over for us yet again in January.

Looking at the opponents, I think everyone has so far seen that Carpi and Frosinine have struggled to catch up to serie a quality. Donadoni is really helping Bologna so that one is going to be tougher than what it would've been a month ago. VERONA has been really bad. I've seen them a few times already this year and they really look like relegation contenders this year. It's not even as if they've played ok but been unlucky. They are simply bad.

Back to our next opponent Sampdoria. I really think that they will be worse, before they are better. (If that makes any sense). I expect them to get better with Montella, but not before they are worse first for a few rounds. The reason for that is because Montella is a "style coach". What I meant by that is he has his style that he wants his teams to play and he will try and in force that. I think it'll take a bit of time for things to click on place and until than I see Doria struggling a little bit. I just don't see Montella scrapping his methods and what's made him so desirable (the good style his sides play) to get short term results. At least I hope that he doesn't until after this weekend.

I think this is a good time to be playing Sampdoria. Hopefully we'll get Bertolacci back for this one.
Just to clarify, I totally agree with Reza about looking ahead one game at a time, at least for the team and players. For us, as fans, I don't really think it's a big deal to look ahead.
Good news for us for this Saturday. Bertolacci is back to training so that should give us a confidence boost Big Grin

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If he is able to play, I might have to edit the scoreline in our mini game😑 we really need Bertolacci back after what we saw in last 2 games.

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aka edysim
Bertolacci again hurt his hamstring and will remain out