Week 16: Milan - Hellas Verona (Sunday, December 13 - 15:00 CET)
No excuse not to get 3 points in this game. We're playing at home, Hellas has been terrible this season and have not even registered a win after 15 games. They even manage to be below Carpi and Frosinone FFS. Anything less than a win and I would dock a week's pay from each staff member involved in this match O
Siamo a posto cosi.
I was so pissed off after the last game! It's really been a while since I was like that. My day was ruined.

I hope this one is better. Like you said, this is a team that hasn't won a single game. There is no excuses here! 3 points!
Well , we should win ...that being said it go anyway.We could win 2/3/4-0.We also could be frustrated and see the midfield useless as usual with no creativity and leaving the defense exposed.I really have no idae what may happen , but seing as Milan are midtable quality it could go anyway.Depends on if Verona park the bus or not.
We should win, but will we win? Confused
So much negativity around the team right now, after a draw in which we actually dominated the match and kept a clean sheet without much difficulty. Even though the match against Carpi was slightly disappointing, I'm honestly getting a bit tired of all this media drama. As soon as we draw or lose, a massive amount of criticism is directed at the club and the players. Now everybody's talking about Bacca. He hasn't scored in a few matches, which apparently makes him a flop. It's like everybody forgets that it's perfectly normal for strikers to have dips in form every now and then. Even Sheva did.

16W 13D 0L at San Siro against Hellas Verona is quite the record  Okmilan
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For me, it's not that Bacca hasn't scored. It's more so that he looks sloppy on the ball, overruns it a lot, and barely connects/combines with those around him. He looks like he was just thrown on the field and has never played with the team before.

Either way, I'm a big fan of his. I think he's a great striker, and like all great strikers, once he hits form he will be fine....and to do that he needs to keep playing. I just feel a little bad for Adriano, who's actually looked more dangerous than Bacca when coming on.

Another thing.....teams already know that Bacca won't use his left foot for anything. It's limiting his game quite a lot. It's pretty noticeable during the games.

About the criticism......there is only one way to silence it.....to win a few games in a row. We can't seem to do that though even though when we play the last 4 placed teams in the league. Of course criticism will be there. Just look at what's happening with Roma now, and just a month ago with Juventus. Juve was able to get out of it and now everyone is kissing their feet. If we manage to win 3-4 games in a row, it'll be the same with us.
Quote:PORTIERI: Abbiati, Donnarumma, Livieri(97)

DIFENSORI: Abate, Alex, Calabria, De Sciglio, Rodrigo Ely, Mexes, Romagnoli, Zapata

CENTROCAMPISTI: Bertolacci, Bonaventura, De Jong, Josè Mauri, Kucka, Montolivo, Poli, Suso

ATTACCANTI: Bacca, Cerci, Honda, Luiz Adriano, Niang

Siamo a posto cosi.
I agree on the doom and gloom from the media Dev.The is in a rebuiding phase.Even if some moves look awful.
That being said it is no exagerration that with the players we have we should be beating one of thee poorest teams in the league.

There are some positives but more negatives , as much its annoying to watch , I cant put huge blame on guys like Kucka Poli Antonelli Honda Zapata they just dont have the quality.Alex is way past his prime.Churchy is a player made a fast counter attacking team but I do fault his control and decision making.Montolivo while one of our better mids is hardly doing good things consistently , hes got qualities and would look better with maybe Witsel and another good mid next to him , but thats our problem isnt it ...we have some decent to good players but not top pplayers that play well consistently..Adriano is decent but limited Bacca thrives on Service something he's not getting a lot of , he's done well bar the last few games.Niang Calabria are kids but Niang is doing well.Very impressed with Romagnoli but he needs a Benatia/Silva/Hummels next to him.All in all the team is where it should be , in the hunt for Europa League.Maybe just maybe fight for UCL with a few quality signings in Jan ( I wont hold my breath)
Milan: Donnarumma; Abate, Alex, Romagnoli, De Sciglio; Niang, De Jong, Montolivo, Bonaventura; Luiz Adriano, Bacca
Dự bị: Abbiati, Livieri, Calabria, Zapata, Mexes, Ely, Poli, Kucka, Mauri, Bertolacci, Honda, Cerci
Verona: Gollini; Sala, Marquez, Moras, Piasano; Viviani, Greco;Wszolek, Ionita, Siligardi; Toni
Dự bị: Coppola, Bianchetti, Helander, Checchin, Winck, Zaccagni, Jankovic, Gomez Taleb, Pazzini