Week 18: Milan - Bologna (Wednesday, January 6 - 15:00 CET)
I think we played a good game yesterday, we created a lot af chances. And if that idiot Cerci just passed that ball we wouldve won.
Firing Miha wont be good, as he is a very good coach IMO. I really like him. He is making a 'team' of this bunch of players, and also many players are improving under his wings, Bona, Niang, Romagnoli, even montolivo improved, but he still aint good enough. Also Bertollaci will become good, but he missed so many games becouse of injury. And Donnaruma wouldnt even be our goalkeeper if it wasnt for him.
Get 2 good players this mercato and give him at least till the summer.
We have Roma Fiorentina Empoli Inter up next , I can see us losing all 4 games (hopefully not) in all honesty and being well out of it by Feb.Miha will probably be canned by then and we'll have Brocchi as coach same issues or worse.
I have to post this here. Saw it on red & black

Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin