Week 23: Palermo - Milan (Wednesday, February 3 - 20:45 CET)
Great away win. Always tricky to play Palermo. Convincing 2 goals and CLEANSHEET. Now we must win again in next game.

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Just a quick comment, but after Damato's performance in the derby, the performance of the ref last night was pretty good on the whole (other than the obvious Bonaventura penalty).

Donnarumma wasn't tested much, but very solid and confident when needed.

The fullbacks were both good, I actually think Abate's currently our best performing fullback, he was excellent last night. Both CBs were also excellent, very confident.

This CM partnership seems to be our most balanced, they work well together, but sometimes, they are still both over committing as both push up. It happens with Bertolacci too, who will stay back, but is by some distance the weakest defensively. He needs to learn a bit from Montolivo in this aspect of the game.

The wide men were both excellent, I think Bonaventura was great in linking with teammates (something I criticised him on in recent weeks). Honda's been producing a lot of quality on his delivery recently, yesterday he was very unlucky not to score.

I think Bacca and Niang were great together despite their little argument. They both moved really well and seemed to work with their teammates better.

Overall, I really liked the performance. One thing that struck me last night was the fluidity with which the team moved. Bonaventura and Honda didn't just stay wide and Bacca and Niang were moving across the pitch really well. What made it impressive was that while doing this, structure and balance was maintained as players understood what was expected of them, it wasn't chaos as was the case most of last season.
I agree.

I think yesterday's game was as solid as we've played this year. The first half was excellent, while the second could have been better.

I agree on Abate. He's picked up his performances lately. Antonelli needs to do the same. I thought he struggled in the first half against Inter, and although he was good against Palermo, I think he needs to contribute more offensively.

I think Bertolacci brought some speed to our play, as me moved the ball quicker than Montolivo I think. The problem is that he misplaced a lot of passes and like you said, he wasn't up to par defensively. All in all, he's had a disappointing year I think. I had (still have, as I'll give him the benefit of the doubt because of his injuries) high hopes for him. I hope that I wasn't wrong. I think he is also suffering from a little confidence problem. He looks unsure and is unwilling to take risks. He gets even the simplest of 10 yard passes wrong at times. Now, I'm not sure if he'll ever grow to be a great midfielder for us.....but I KNOW for a fact that he can pass the ball 10 yards. So I'm not sure what's going on with him, but I think he is better than what he is showing to be right now.
I think he can recover. In a side doing well, if he gets regular minutes and performs comfortably, then we'll see him grow. I get the impression he's come into a group with a lot of difficulties and has struggled to manage the transition. When it seemed he'd finally step up and play to his level, he got injured.
Hey all...good day today.

Haven't been this happy about Milan in a long time Smile.
(02-04-2016, 05:28 PM)Hasan Rossonero Wrote: Hey all...good day today.

Haven't been this happy about Milan in a long time Smile.

Me 2, seem like a dream  Devilol
I envy you