Summer Mercato 2016
Matip is going to Liverpool it seems... not everyone waits as long as Galliani it seems
Knowing Alex is 34 and at best will be able to offer a backup role next season (if he renews), who would people want as a CB partner for Romagnoli next year?
Hopefully the deal with Mr.Bee is done before the summer mercato. Thiago Silva and Candreva would be my choices! ;D
Zamparini claims he'd be happy if Vazquez was to join Milan

Just for nefremo, looks like Tuttosport (Facepalm) is linking us to Mammana:

For those wondering who Mammana is:

It's a rumour that certainly interests me. I've avoided commenting much on the guy because I haven't really watched him, but the couple of games I have seen he was a very interesting prospect. His technical ability to play the ball out stands out, as well as the timing of his tackles. My concerns at this point would be he's yet to physically mature (he's only 19 though) and there were times where I'd like to have seen him be a bit more physical with opponents.

Even if we get him, we need at least one other CB for next season, possibly one as a starter, given Mammana's young age and lack of experience in Europe. The worst thing to do is bring him in and try and push him to immediate success.

Our current CBs are Romagnoli, Zapata, Alex, Mexes and Ely. Thing is, only Romagnoli at this point is pretty much set to stay. Zapata, Mexes and Alex all have contracts running out, while there's probably a good chance Ely is loaned out.

I'd obviously keep Romagnoli and would try to renew Alex and possibly Zapata, giving Ely an opportunity to go out on loan and grow. That would leave two spots open in CB (I wouldn't keep Mexes), one which I'd want filled by Mammana (or a player of similar ilk) and the other spot I'd push to try and get Tonelli.

Tonelli's tough, got decent passing and has been playing to a high standard in Serie A for a couple of years now (since Empoli got promoted). He's a useful guy to have because he's got some leadership qualities for the backline and can help younger players feel a little more at ease, as he takes on a lot of responsibility. He's also only 25, so should have his best years coming up ahead of him. I don't think he is or will be a world class defender, but I see him as a good complimentary partner for Romagnoli, as he was for Rugani.

Tonelli, like Mammana, will cost around 10m. For 20m we could get both, which realistically we need and we could lineup with Romagnoli, Tonelli, Mammana, Alex and Zapata next season. That looks pretty good if you ask me.

Edit: Beppe, as much as Thiago Silva would add a lot of quality to the backline, I just wonder about his availability, cost (minimum would be 20m imo) and the fact he's a very short term solution.
I'm glad we are linked to him again. Even though it's tuttomerrcato (I swear those guys just read forums and make up rumors Big Grin). But, we were also linked to him back in October or something, so maybe there something to it. (I hope)

I agree on Tonelli. I like the player, as I've said before. Empoli WILL sell at the end of the year (they even said so themselves).....but I see him going to Napoli. They've been linked to him forever and have been wanting to sign a CB since the summer.

Also, don't forget that will also have Paletta back on our books in the summer. I don't think too much of him, but he can be a good option as a back up CB. He wanted to leave this year because he wanted a starting spot in a club before the Euros. I think he'll be ok staying this next summer. By the way, is he injured now?

I agree about Ely...he needs to go out on loan. To be honest, I had really big doubts about him since pre-season. He made many mistakes every time he played....but people were giving him the benefit of the doubt because he is so young. It's one of those things when you think someone is so bad and has no business in the club, but than you see them play and you realize that, "hey, he is actually ok and he is YOUNG", so you look through the mistakes that player makes. But after a while those add up and "the he is young and has potential" argument starts to fade. I think right now Ely doesn't have the quality to start for Milan. BUT, he showed promise so going out on loan (in a Serie A side) will either iron him out and get him ready, or it'll prove that he's not good enough. But sitting on the bench here won't do anyone any good.

It would be great if we sign Mammana, bring back Paletta, and renew Zapata. That means we'll have Romagnoli, Mammana, Zapata, Paletta. Tonelli would be awesome to bridge the settling period for Mammana, but honestly, I'm so impressed by this kid that I know for a fact he'll make the position his very quickly. (Especially with Mihajlovic's willingness to play young players). So I would rather use the 10mil somewhere else.
Tonelli , Mammana , Vasquez , CM Banega/Witsel , Vrsaljko...What are talking €60m with Banega €80m if its Witsel...or €80m with both Banega & Witsel Smile
I think you are pretty much correct on the numbers.....and I don't think it's unrealistic to think we'll spend at least 50-60 mil this summer (assuming that the takeover is completed and especially if we make the CL).

Vrsaljko has developed nicely at Sassuolo. I wasn't convinced a couple of years ago when we were linked to him but he's really doing a good job over there. I hope that the ship hasn't sailed for him. Also, I hate when we have to compete with Juventus for players nowdays (they seem to be very interested in him) as they are the more attractive option right now. (Dybala example)

About Vazquez (I actually think he played well yesterday, and he proved so hard to dispossess every time he was on the ball), unless we plan on playing him right behind Bacca (or as a SS next to Bacca), there is no point of splashing 20 mil on him. IF that's the plan.....than the question arises as to what we are going to do with Menez and even Niang (I think he'll fully expect to be a starter next year).
On Dybala, Zamparini says he'd be ours if Galliani hadn't tried to play games during negotiations:

Not got to take Zamparini's word with more than a pinch of salt, but wouldn't be shocked if he was being honest.

On Paletta, I'd rather keep Alex personally, as I really don't rate him.

On the list of names, I agree on Vazquez, I don't think he's needed (am a fan of his game too). Vrsaljko doesn't need to be a priority imo either. Instead, I'd focus on 4 players, 2 CBs, 1 CM and 1 RM. obviously that's not all I'd be looking at, but that should be the priority imo.
Zamparini talking about mind games? Big Grin By the way, since when is this guy our friend. Didn't he hate our guts just a couple years ago? Now he won't get off Silvio's lap for some reason since this past summer.

Jokes aside....I actually believe him that Galliani played games. When does he not....
As have been said Zamparini is playing games (and thinking back I only recall Preziosi and Squinzi of Sassuolo being friendly about Milan, definitely not Zamparini lol). He is probably trying to lure other buyers by suggesting he could be close to Milan.