Summer Mercato 2016
(02-04-2016, 05:26 PM)nefremo Wrote: Jokes aside....I actually believe him that Galliani played games. When does he not....

Completely Agree. How many good players have we lost and subsequently signed duds because of his games...
Zamparini is talking crap.Dybala wanted Juve as soon as they came in for him.There were rumours and reports that we had an offer accepted for Dybala by Palermo around €30m with ad ons IIRC...ofcourse we'll never know.But he preferred Juve.Who wouldnt at the moment or last summer.
Posted this in the venting thread, but if true it inevitably affects the mercato
Well I think it means ciao to Bacca Bona Roma , Maybe Menez and a no to a good mercato.
This changes everything. I don't see Silvio spending as much as he did last summer again. I'm hoping that we don't destruct what we've started.

The team doesn't need stratospheric spending as it is. With a few (3-4) smart signings we can be very competitive.
Milannews says the rumour is false:

Still not sure if that's enough to spur any spending, we need this deal to be done.
Well, if Silvio is going to 'cover the losses himself' it looks really bad for AC Milan!
I don't know. I have never had any good feeling about this Mr. Bee. Of course I am hoping that I am wrong, but I think he has been just using Milan for his personal gain (who would have known him if without his association with Milan?). I even think that he and Berlusconi were just colluding, but I may be biased.
I personally think it's all media BS, if Bee signed anything I'm sure there's legal action Berlu can take in order to get a portion of the money due, and if that's the case he just gets free money and keeps all of Milan. I dont follow the saga at all anymore personally, way too many conflicting reports surrounding it. I'll just wait until any official announcements are made.
Milan have a €15m bid for Pavoletti according to hes having the season of his career 10 goals.But hes not really impressive & certainly is NOT where Milan should put €15m.But he is a Genoa player.