Week 26: Napoli - Milan (Monday, February 22 - 21:00 CET)
In order to give Napoli time to recover from their Europa League fixture today, this match is scheduled to be played on Monday instead of Sunday. It should be a tough fixture away against Villarreal and it will likely drain some of their resources. We will certainly come into this game as underdogs given the great run Napoli was on before their narrow loss to Juventus. However, if we are compact in defense like we have been lately, and clinical on the counter attack, we may be able to pull something like we did against Fiorentina. We need to ensure not to leave our wingbacks exposed against the likes of Callejon and Insigne and to track the runs from Allan and Hamsik. All in all, I expect a great game!

Siamo a posto cosi.
I'm not expecting too much from this game, but I'm more optimisitc than I was last encounter.
I'll take a draw as a win. Very conflicted. If we beat them I don't want Juve to extend their lead. I'd love a draw and for Juve to lose.
Napoli just lost today in the Europa League...

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I heard that Napoli rested a few key players (including Higuain and Insigne) for Serie A. Bastards. Angry
Napoli lost 2 in a row and now a lot of people on other forums and social media think that we can beat them. I;m waiting for the ______ sucks comments after we lose/draw with them.
a draw would be good!
Corriere Della Sera reports that Romagnoli could be at risk of missing the match with flu.
Terrible news. Last time Romagnoli missed the game against Napoli, we lost 0-4 at home.
We will get a draw. 0-0 or 1-1
I Heart ACM !!