Week 27: Milan - Torino (Saturday, February 27 - 20:45 CET)
Torino have not been on a good run of form lately but they certainly cannot be taken lightly as they have brought back Immobile to add to a squad of players such as Benassi and Belotti. We have had trouble against teams where we actually have to come out and play some football. We drew 1-1 in the reverse fixture so hopefully we can improve on that result. We just played on Monday and are back on Saturday but with no European football, our players should be fine.

I see people are already getting ahead of themselves and talking about CL qualification. We are currently 8 points and 3 teams behind the CL qualification spots. A lot would need to go our way before we can think about being in next year's CL. Not saying that it's not good to be optimistic, but we should also be realistic about things as well. I'd say that Miha would have met expectations if we make it to the EL. Anything more than that is bonus imo.
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Agreed. I believe that the Europa League is the most realistic achievement and I'd be more then happy if we can do that.

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This gameday also Juventus - Inter ; Empoli - roma ; Fiorentina - Napoli
So this one is very important!! All teams in front of us could loose point, but we must win ourself offcourse.
I'm hoping for the following change:
poli for monty. Let's see if montolivo gets motivated if he's subbed off. Maybe that will end his bad run and attitude. You can blame poli for lacking talent, but you can't blame him for lacking spirit and fighting for every ball. The last four games Monty's given more balls to the opponent that his own teammates, so it can only improve.
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I would be surprised and furious if we manage to lose points, but then again, that's football. anything can happen.

I am predicting a 3-0 victory. I can see Bacca scoring 1 or 2 in this one. Wink
I think Motolivo is suspended, right?
Well we have Bertolacci who can step right in or the abate of midfield, il grande latte, Andrea Poli.
(02-25-2016, 11:02 PM)nefremo Wrote: I think Motolivo is suspended, right?

that's what I read too. I think we should be able to cope.
press are saying Berto will come in for Montolivo.

I'm interested in watching the Torino CBs this match. We've discussed Glik as a possible option in the mercato thread, but probably even more interesting is Maksimovic, who is confirming his performances from last season after a spell out injured. If we weren't to get Mammana, Maksimovic would be an interesting alternative.
Quote:Questa la lista dei 23 convocati del Milan per la sfida contro il Torino:

Abbiati, Donnarumma, Livieri; Abate, Alex, Antonelli, Calabria, De Sciglio, Romagnoli, Simic, Zapata; Bertolacci, Bonaventura, Mauri, Kucka, Locatelli, Poli; Bacca, Balotelli, Boateng, Honda, Menez, Niang
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