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Copa America 2011
If I could just punch hard that Argentine coach for picking up this jerk called Tevez in the attack ahead of many other real talent. Tevez is a born loser & shouldn't be even allowed to enter Argentina. They should cancel his nationality rite now. An attacking trio of Messi, Milito & Aguero is needed to win this cup Angry

This Baptista guy has lost his mind. Just use Messi like Barca did in his early career, i.e, a a right attacking forward.

(07-01-2011, 02:16 AM)brasileiro Wrote: Youre a true Argie, manOkmilan LOL!!!
The name 'Maradona' (Best footballer ever 100%) was in my ears way back in 1994, despite no genuine football following in our country. I remember I asked my father to get me a football because I wanted to play like Maradona. This is the image of that man even in those parts of the world where footaball is hardly known. People didn't have TV those days, but they knew the name Maradona & then Argentina obviously. So ofcourse I love Maradona & Argentina, because they made me a fan of the world's best sports ....
Quote:Always making excuses for their own failure. Argentine needs more Zanettis and less whinnies...
No excuse this time, because Argentina won't lose this cup. The only person that can stop them is Carlos Tevez. He is like the d!da of Argentina; A genuine match loser ....

& yeah I agree with you, Zanettis are required every where,.... I love you Diego, but I will never forgive you for not making Javier Zanetti the potential winning captain of Argentina in WC 2010 Dodgy One of the reason Argentina didn't win the cup is simply because a captain without any charisma. Seriously WC trophy in the hands of Mascherano just didn't really click for me ..... With Zanetti, things could and would have been different ...

Quote:Btw, off topic but you ignored me at mercato thread... So, wheres the Cancer called RobinhoHuh How many problems he created at our dressing roomHuh And the great Huntelaar, already a bench warmer in Bundesleague, tooHuh
Sorry I didn't intentionally ignore you in the mercato thread. I must have missed it. Mercato thread is simply a joke of a thread (No offense). Whats the point of discussing rumors & unrealistic possibilities, like Fabragas, Hernans & Hamsik joining AC Milan, when we all are well aware that the lead of ACM is B&G + ACM never spend big & most importantly when the legends like Seedorf, Inzaghi, Ambrosini just signed contract extensions? Just leave discussion for couple of months. Enjoy time with family & friends (lucky ones with wives & gfs Sagrin), watch some great films, visit different places. Restore your football watching/discussing energy. Then start fresh in August Devilcool

I still believe ACM should sell Robinho & bring in some Argies like Aguero, Milito or Higuaine. Robinho is just not ACM material, he looks like a villain stuff of Madrid or Manchester.

As for Huntelaar, well he scored in the final of German cup and helped his club to win a silverware. He missed many games due to injury. He is the best penalty box finisher in the world rite now. A last player of his kind. A dying breed in football, that saw many great players in the past decade like Inzaghi, Raul, Trezeguet, Klose, Van Nistelrooy, Crespo & Morientes. Huntelaar is one of the very few keeping that kind alive.

Quote:Sorry about the provocation, mz... but you disapearDevilol
University work load man .... Plus its really HOT here Sagrin
BTW, is Brazil really hot in summers?

Quote:I dont trust Menezes... Big chance to the Argies win something important with their Senior Team
Yes they will this time ... The script was already written when Argentina were undeservingly beaten 4-0 by Germany
I became a fan of Maradona for the same reason as you, Zeekay Okmilan. However, I don't really like Argentina without him (this team were a burden to him). Even Messi can't make me like this NT.

The coach, a noname WC1986 winner, are using 3DMs formation again. I truly admire him. Milan used 3DMs formation before, but Ambrosini's passing is better than Banega and Pirlo is the genius.

Until now, this competition disappoints me. Strong teams couldn't attack properly, while weaker ones play 11-man defense.
So Yepes put in a Man of The match performance against Messi`s Argentina last night. Congrats Mario.
No ho visto Superman volare, ma ho visto Super Pippo segnare. I supereroi esistono davvero.
It's an annoyingly boring game even for neutral like me. Like Aficio said, Argies were expectedly clueless with 3 DMs but Colombia's finishings were just as terrible.

Oh and Zeekay, if this is the best defense Argentina got (where Milito made one near fatal blunder every 45 min) then I'm afraid your script won't happen. Pretty much like their "it's written in heaven" counterpart at the last WC Icon_lol2
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(07-07-2011, 04:28 PM)Nalx Wrote: Oh and Zeekay, if this is the best defense Argentina got (where Milito made one near fatal blunder every 45 min) then I'm afraid your script won't happen. Pretty much like their "it's written in heaven" counterpart at the last WC Icon_lol2
Yes, the script is written in heavens this time around. Actually i don't mind this slow start of Argies. Since 1993 Coppa win, mostly they have stated with a BANG but later on gave utterly disappointed performance at some decisive stage of the tournaments. So a couple of draws is okay, because now they will have to turn things around. I am not going to believe that Messi gonna sit and let Argies lose on home soil. All they have to do is to remove that jerk called Tevez & include Pastore, Aguero & Milito. I am not worried about the defense. They still have Zanetti there. Plus the Argies main strength is attack.

Cambiasso Banega
Messi Aguerro

One more reason why Argies will win is the fact that Germany is not in South America
Argentina will win the World Cup 2018

[Image: mhj0y.jpg]
Ah Paraguay are closing Brasil down well.
Caught out there by Paraguay 1-1 , Neymar looks a bit greedy always trying to do everything himself in this game anyway.
i seriously don't understand where they get these coaches from....1st it was Dunga & Maradona....now it's Menezes & Baptista...

if Lucas Leiva was Italian, he wouldn't even be called to the Italian national team and we know there ain't much quality there anyway....yet he is a starter for Brazil!!!!

btw, Dani Alves has been roasted in the 1st half by the Paraguay LM (Estigarribia i think) and now cost Brazil the 2nd goal)....what a horrible match for him
Agreed with your last part Jay. Goodness, this gotta be Brasil worst performance in a long time. They boast attacking talents that very few nations have yet they find it hard to string five passes together. And when player like T. Silva looked lost more than a couple of times, you know they're really in trouble.
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David Luiz instead of Lucio surely.Is he injured ?
Scrappy goal in fairness but they are being opened easily for both goals.
Ganso hasn't been good again but he's young 2nd competitive game and I have seen him play great.
Neymar is just eager to get a goal for his country I think.
Not a bad game goal # wise.Brasil just never got in gear ,Paraguay played well for what they have took their chances.
Ganso excellent assist and some very nice touches.....