Manuel Locatelli
We generally discuss him in the Primavera thread, but now that he's in the first team squad I think he deserves his own thread.

I wanted to share an article on him for those who may not know who he is or what sort of player he is:
From that video in the article, he's the closest I've seen to Pirlo..

He seems to have played the pass 3 times before he receives the ball, always a step ahead of the opponent!

Something we've been lacking in the past few years.. can't to wait see him getting his chance.
His passing seems miles better than current Monto's..
Locatelli gave an interview to Gazzetta
He has started every game for Italy so far in the Elite Round of the UEFA U-19 championship. Certainly seems to have plenty of potential judging by the way people speak about him. Pity it's so hard to find streams for these championships otherwise I could at least comment a bit more on the way he is playing.

Does it makes sense for us to keep him in the squad for next season or should we send him on loan? I am a big advocate for giving youth players chances and I could certainly think of a player or two whose spots I am sure could be better used by a youth player *coughPolicough*. I guess we can figure it all out in the summer but as of now we don't even know who will be the owner of the club next season, let alone the coach. If we have a coach who can commit to keeping him in the rotation (provided that he's good enough of course) then I am all for keeping him here.
Siamo a posto cosi.
If he's good enough then he should stay and be given a fair opportunity, even if it's as a backup. That doesn't mean doing what we've done with Mauri, perhaps closer to what we've seen with Poli.
Interesting tidbit of news to come out ahead of tonight:

Basically, in the 10 games this year where Locatelli has featured, we've averaged 2.3 points per game, as opposed to 1 point average in the other 3 games. Also, with him on the field, the average goals conceded also drops from 2.3 to 1 on average. Simply put, Locatelli's been a massive part of our successes this season.
He was very impressive last night.