1994 World Cup
I am still sad about this final. Irks me that Baresi and Maldini never won the WC. But this is pretty good coverage from ITV. Really captures how those times were. The match also started 5 Milan players. Would've been 7 if Tassotti and Costacurta were not suspended. 

It's remarkable how Baresi played such a good game even though he was in no condition to even start.

Ahhh "good" old days, this WC got me into supporting Italy Big Grin It was held while serbian agression on my country was still going on, electricity was RARE and the games were not really "primetime" since the cup was in USA.

I remember Baggio's goal vs Nigeria, I was trying to hit a tennis ball the same way in my apartment's hallway, it would always go too far to the left Big Grin

I supported Italy from the start of the tournament, and my father and sister supported Brazil. The final game was a destiny Big Grin unfortunately they were the ones celebrating at the end Sad
I started supporting Italy four years before that, when World Cup was held on the Peninsula. I still had not gone over the pain that Italy lost in the semifinal (which was why Argentina still remained one of the teams that I enjoyed the most their misery), and the new pain of losing on the PKs was just unbearable. Sad In 1998, it happened again. Sad
But 2006. After 2005 I was so heartbroken and just didn't want to watch football again. that win in 2006, with calciopoli and what not. That was just amazing. I will never ever forget gol di grosso for as long as i live.
1994 world belonged to Argentina. It is such a shame that the lab guys didn't perform the test correctlya dn Maradona had to go home, leaving Argentina NT in disarray.
Argentina will win the World Cup 2018

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