Week 33: Sampdoria - Milan (Sunday, April 17 - 20:45 CET)
Brocchi's first game in charge is away against a Samp team which has been in relatively good from as of late. Not sure in what mental state the players will be given that some of them were quite found of Miha. Hopes aren't too high for this one...
Siamo a posto cosi.
Combine mental state with possible 4-3-1-2 and our spree will continue.
Avaiting for arrival of exorcist into our boardroom.
we're winning this one
I really don't know. I haven't even seen one game that Brocchi coached.

In general, I am feeling pessimistic. But of course I will watch.
(04-13-2016, 03:30 PM)xudong Wrote: I haven't even seen one game that Brocchi coached.

The more I think about it... The more I dislike the idea of our coach called Brocchi. I mean, it is really Brocchi we are talking about here. So don't expect too much.
With so little time left between now and the game, we can pretty safely assume that the game will have to be decided by players' quality, and maybe a change in attitude/mentality (which isn't necessarily in our favor, because I thought we did well against Juventus for the first 60 minutes or something like that).

Brocchi's coaching mastery (if there is such a thing) won't be a factor in this game. It is just not realistic to expect so.
What indicates that Brocchi will be any better than Leonardo, Seedorf or Inzaghi? He is a rookie. Montolivo and the dressing room will eat him. Maybe not now, but soon enough.
Honestly, it's possible the players will revolt, but at this point it's all hearsay. In the case of Leonardo, he was given an opportunity and didn't do too badly, nor did the players revolt. He did have some dubious tactics, but it was his lack of relationship with Silvio that killed his career at Milan.

Seedorf was the one to have the biggest revolt, a number of factors leading up to that and honestly as much as I love the guy, he didn't really help himself with some of his comments, actions and decisions.

In Inzaghi's case, no offence but his time in charge was a complete disaster imo. His tactical game was shoddy as was his decision making. He was really given the full support by the management to try and build something and was encouraged to give opportunity to the young players, neither of which he did. I'm aware he didn't have much support from the market perspective, but I think if he'd shown the ability to organise his side and start bringing through players that he coached at youth level, he would have seen more patience.

Also, to comment on Mihajlovic, I think he brought in a level of professionalism and discipline that we've lacked since the days the senators left. That said, he was given 90m worth of investment to build a good side and while he's improved from last season, the results are still pretty mediocre and his game isn't one which will ever please Silvio. Hell, I've been supporting him throughout his time and I've commented a number of times about how I want the team to take control of games more. From a management perspective, if the results aren't as expected and the coach isn't playing a game which you agree with, then an eventual sacking is understandable. That said, I think this isn't quite so cut and dry in Miha's case, as Silvio's insistence of a single formation and the constant and public power struggle between the two probably played a big part in his sacking. I think if there weren't more personal issues, then we'd have at least seen Miha until the end of the season, possibly continuing next season. I also think he'd have been afforded more time had he been less aggressive in dealing with Silvio, as he has fulfilled the desire to bring through young players, he could have still made Europe and he's brought in discipline and structure.

Finally, I think Brocchi needs to manage this period really carefully. He's got to placate Silvio, but that doesn't mean a complete overhaul of what Miha had. I think if he can maintain the discipline that Miha brought in and develop an understanding relationship with the players, he'll go a long way. I'd say defensively maintain the 4-4-2, but ask the team to press 5-10 yards higher when off the ball (actually this was the case against Juve). In possession, I'd say shift towards a 4-3-1-2 (one which is probably a little asymmetrical) , with a game plan that starts to bring in elements of his approach of holding more possession, but will utilise quick breaks as necessary.

This would mean something looking like this...

Defensive shape:


Offensive shape:


I also think Brocchi's got to be extremely diplomatic in the press and when talking to management. Taking a more pragmatic approach will mean he's maintaining a relationship that Silvio demands, a bit like Ancelotti does. If he can get through the rest of this season with a level of success, he can start looking to really change things in the summer, looking to fully implement his ideas into the group and I think he should put heavy focus on tactics ahead of everything. We've seen how those who obsessively work on the tactical game get more out of their sides in recent years, I think Brocchi must do this at Milan, a side where the tactical game is one of the weakest aspects.
Brocchi has been compared with Ancelotti a lot. As a person and as a coach. For the last year or so I had a feeling that eh could be our next Ancelotti. Of course I am not at all optimistic about it.

Still the more I read about him and watch the Primavera, I am beginning to have some faith in him. even if it very very little.
Mexes in Alex's spot and De Sciglio in Antonelli's spot. If these happen .... wow lol