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Summer 2016 who stays: Goalkeepers
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Donna defenitely need to stay lopez and abbiati can go or stay as backups

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Donnarumma is an obvious yes! I also voted for Abbiati as a back up, even as a 3rd GK. I really think that it was big of him to support Donnarumma when Mihajlovic had to replace Lopez. I think he'll be good for Donnarumma's development.

Lopez needs to go. He is a high quality GK and we are paying him way too much to be 2nd choice. I'm sure he'll want to leave too.
Donna.Lopez too , he's an extremely good backup and should Donna be injured or suspended it'd be great to have a good GK
It is. But i dont think lopez would want to play 2nd fiddle to donna anymore. Beside like nefremo said. His salary is quite high.

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Keep Donnaruma as first choice ,Abiati too as third. Try sell Lopez if there is chance to get some money - if not keep him too.
Avaiting for arrival of exorcist into our boardroom.
Donnarumma as first choice. Abbiati as second. Get a young guy as the third.

Sell Lopez for 30M. Big Grin
Definitely Donna & Abbiati, I dont think Lopez would want to be backups.
We still have Gabriel as backup (who is not that reliable Smile )
all should stay, Donna needs experienced & professional veterans around him, for teaching and preventing cockiness.