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Summer 2016 who stays: Forwards
Vote for who should stay and post your thoughts, multiple choice allowed of course (Note: I am using the squad list from the official site)
Just niang for me. I think bacca will be sold next season.

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I voted Niang and L. Adriano. Niang as the potential starter depending on the formation, and Adriano should be a great option off the bench.

Balotelli, Menez and Boatend need to leave no matter what!

Bacca.....the guy is a good poacher. But he can only play inside the box. I don't like his attitude of late, but for me it is more of a preference. I've always preferred forwards that can get involved in the buildup, create something for others, combine outside of the box, able to take players on when needed, etc. If we can sell Bacca for what we bought him, (AND replace him adequately, not with Pavoletti) than I would be all for it.
Keep Bacca ,Adriano ,Niang. Bacca and Adriano should be sold if we get some weird high offer for them.
Princess Boa ,Crapotelli & Menez ... LOL
Avaiting for arrival of exorcist into our boardroom.
I voted for Bacca, Balotelli and Niang.

I think Niang is a "popular" choice because he is young and cheap and has potential. I don't mind seeing him stay, but his lack of discipline is pissing me off as it was the turning point of the season. I know that I am being harsh on him, but getting involved in multiple car accident was not just bad luck.

I think Bacca will be sold for money. Certainly I wouldn't mind him stay, but we ought to have a strong midfield to provide service for him.

I see that Balotelli gets no vote, but if he changed we can really use his talent.

At the end of the day, I don't mind we remove everyone on that roster and have a complete revamp. Honestly.
Balo and niang, we need to cash in on the rest. If balo can change his positioning and keep up the attitude he has now, he can be of use because we're obviously not going to get anyone with more talent than him with the money we have..

Niang is a no brainer. The rest needs to be cashed in on.
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My choices :

Balotelli - A last season on loan with an option to buy ? He FINALLY showed he could be a useful player for more than 5 minutes in the last weeks. Compared to a guy like Menez, Balotelli works quite hard on the pitch !

Niang - I don't mind keeping or selling him. I don't know, he's improved, but at the same time, I don't see a great forward in him. So depending on the offers, we should keep him coming from the bench or sell him for some money.

Bacca - Our best striker. Why selling him right now ? His attitude has been bad lately, his performances have dropped, but isn't it the case for the whole team or almost nowadays ? Unfortunately, what happens in the management and around the club just seems to avoid our players to be focused on football and they look uninterested/angry on the pitch. With a better ambiancy and one or two good additions, Bacca could be useful. Of course, if a 30M offer comes on the desk of whoever in Milan, sell him.
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I would keep Bacca, Niang, Adriano,
Bacca our topscorer, if he has reliable midfield to support, he'll score more than he has now
Niang, he's got potential to still grow, hope he doesnt crash his cars/ motorbikes next season
Adriano, he may not be as talented as Balo, but he's proved he could score goals given enough chances to play, he works really hard for the team as well.
I agree with Geo.

We do not have the money to buy ones with Balo & Bacca's talent.