Week 36: Milan - Frosinone (Sunday, May 1 - 15:00 CET)
After missing the last few games due to work and weird match times, I'm wondering if I should be relieved or disappointed that this match falls on the weekend so I really have no excuse to miss it. Heard that the last two matches were terrible so I didn't even bother watch the highlights. Hopefully all the criticism can stir SOME kind of reaction out of these players.
Siamo a posto cosi.
It's funny how we kind of have the same schedule as Sassuolo for these last 4 weeks. We just played Verona, and they play them this week. Now we'll play Frosinone, than they'll play Frosinone the following week. The last game of the season will not be easy for either team with us playing Roma and them playing Inter.

It's an equal schedule, and I would even go and say that they have the easier schedule as Verona is already relegated and by the time they play Frosinone next week, they might be relegated also! Needless to say, whoever does better will get 6th place, and I have a feeling that it'll come down to the very last game of the season...and the team that we will be playing (Roma) will actually have something to play for (2nd place and direct entry into the CL) compared to The team Sassuolo will play (Inter, will probably have nothing to play for at that point).
I honestly hope we'll lose all the games from here on out to make sure Berlusconi sells the club, Brocchi gets fired, and the squad goes through a major revamp. There's a good chance this summer may be the beginning of a new Milan Big Grin

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What if we lose all the games but Berlusconi still refuses to sell? Brocchi will be fired, and Nava will take over. Bacca and Donnarumma will be sold to "balance the book". Grinundwech
Bonaventura will not be ready apparently, he will miss this and perhaps Bologna match too.
yeah i am hoping we will lose all the remaining game and we can start telling berlu to start selling the club and sack galliani
I don't want to imagine if we fail to beat them at San Siro.
At this stage I couldn't give a lesser fuck about the result. I hope we do not get into Europe coz humiliation in Europe would tarnish out European pedigree and that is pretty much all we have hold on to anymore.

I do however want to see Locatelli, Calabria and Mauri play. Tho I probably will be streaming Leicester vs Man Utd alongside.
In Frosinone we believe ! To smack another nail into B&G's coffin!
Avaiting for arrival of exorcist into our boardroom.
I will just skip this match and hope for a win, because even 0-3 loss vs frosinone wont change a single d*** thing. Berlu & Gali will still be themselves, business as usual for them.