Atletico eliminated Bayern, reaches Champions League final
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Bayern Munich are out of the Champions League despite a 2-1 win in their home semifinal against Atletico Madrid. The tie ended 2-2 on aggregate, but only the Spaniards scored away from home. Bitter for Bayern.
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Bayern Munich 2-1 (2-2) Atletico Madrid
(Alonso 31', Lewandowski 74' - Griezmann 54')

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Antoine Griezmann's second–half goal against the run of play seemed to put Atletico Madrid in control of the tie, but Robert Lewandowski's goal in the 20 minutes later left open the possibility of a Bayern comeback. 
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Griezmann's goal, which came on a breakaway in the 53rd minute, put Atletico Madrid up 2–1 on aggregate, including a vital away goal. Ultimately, it was enough to see Diego Simeone's side through to the final. 
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"We're into the final. We can be proud and happy. Bayern have amazing players up front and it was impossible to keep a clean sheet," Oblak said.