Stephan El Shaarawy
Not sure if anyone post this. This happened two days ago. 

Quote:Monaco trigger El Shaarawy clause
By Football Italia staff

Stephan El Shaarawy played his 15th game for Monaco last night, obliging them to sign him from Milan.

The forward moved to the Ligue 1 side this summer on an initial loan deal, with a clause which makes the move permanent based on appearances.

Tuttosport notes that the Italian international played his 15th game for the club last night in the Europa League win over Qarabag, meaning the transfer is now mandatory.

It’s thought the Rossoneri will receive €15m at the end of the current season for the 22-year-old, who has yet to score in his nine League appearances for the principality side.
Now we can afford Boateng and Emanuelson!
"who has yet to score in his nine League appearances for the principality side."

This is interesting... 15 games and no goals. 15M seems like a lot then.
(10-24-2015, 11:50 PM)reza Wrote: Now we can afford Boateng and Emanuelson!

Urby should be free, no? Unless you are talking about his salary. 

Boateng still has contract with Schalke, I am sure. Their general manager said that he was banned but his contract was not rescinded. How can he be training with us already is beyond me. 

We are full of jokes.
Yes, I meant some silly amount that Galliani will decide to pay Urby and others.
Getting the Grazie Presidente poster painted as we speak..
I just read he joined Roma, however there was also a line in the text about Monaco being obliged to buy him after 25 games, which he hasn't played (in fact one of the reasons he was frozen out as he was on 24 games) Roma have an option to buy him outright for £13m apparently as well.

who actually owns him now?

It sounds like we do, and if Roma want to buy him they can ask Monaco to activate their loan option and pay it off for them.

this sounds crooked as hell and I don't think Monaco should be able to put him back in Italy under the same circumstances as we loaned him to them.
If i understood the situation correctly:

Milan have full ownership of ELS's card and they also fully negotiated ELS's move to Roma.

He transferred directly from Monaco, true, but his loan there was terminated after Monaco indicated that the aren't interested in signing him. though the termination was only official after the deal with Roma was finalized.
El Shaarawy scores on his debut for Roma...
Posted the goal in the Serie A thread. Of course it was going to happen.