Matchday 2: Napoli - Milan (Saturday, August 27th - 20:45 CET)
Again and again we see how bad we are under pressure.
We were actually the better side until their first goal. Napoli literally had no chance, and Abate wasted that great opportunity. As soon as they scored, Mertens became simply unstoppable, and Milan lost all the courage to even get out of own half. So embarrassing.
Abate has been tortured by Mertens. On top of that, he missed a wide open goal at 0-0.

Everything is just a bid too slow. Our buildups are taking too long and that allows Napoli to close us down and not give us any time on the ball in their half.
The fact that possession is practically even at the break (51% - 49%), yet Napoli has managed to be way too dangerous and scored too goals compared to us...shows that even though we see a fair amount of the ball, we fail to to bring the ball into dangerous areas quickly enough and open up Napoli.

To be completely honest, this is not that horrible. Sure it's not great (but we knew that we are not great), but the goals happened on separated incidents that should have been better dealt with.
Half time 2-0. I'm not sure we have enough to make a comeback in this match if I'm honest.

The first 15-20 minutes, pretty much until the first goal, we were actually the better side. Napoli tried to press, but we looked sharp, tight and disciplined, being tidy on the ball too (with the exception of Montolivo). Once they scored, we lost the intensity in our game and didn't look anywhere near as good. Heads dropped, the passing wasn't as crisp and the understanding between the players was getting lost.

Our problem is the mental fragility of these players. It's worrying that the ones that show the most personality and mental strength are our two youngest players (Donnarumma and Romagnoli). I can understand that some of the players that are young will feel the pressure and disappear from the game in tough times, I expect it to some degree. However, the worst are the senior players, the likes of Montolivo, Abate, Bonaventura and Kucka. These guys are the ones we need to take lead and fight back, and frankly they're the ones who let their head drop the first. When the midfield isn't working, the rest of the team won't be able to hold it together.

When this happens, it's noticeable in our play. For the most part the players take up many of the same position tactically, but they no longer show discipline on the ball, or the intensity to close down the opponent to win the ball back. On the ball, they look afraid as though all they want to do is get rid of it, and off it they become more concerned about getting behind the ball than actually trying to win it.

Really disappointed, as we weren't even that bad, just that we showed the same mental fragility that we always do.
I am not as optimistic as you (@nefremo). I feel that we totally lost courage and ideas, and simply allow Napoli to dominate the game after the unlucky bounce goal. Speaking of which, I may be harsh, but I thought de Sciglio was slow to the ball, and should some (though not much) blame. The second goal, Kucka was beat but de Sciglio was in front of Milik and didn't do anything.

Abate has been just bad on both ends. Facepalm
Well said, Dev. That's how I feel too.
2-1 Niang fooled Reina and others too
wow, how did Niang score that goal? Big Grin
sarri was complaining. was he sent off? Big Grin

let's try to get this one. Big Grin
Niang's really impressed me under Montella.

Edit: xu, yeah Sarri was sent off