Matchday 2: Napoli - Milan (Saturday, August 27th - 20:45 CET)
I agree. Pretty much said everything!

It's bad on instances. There is long periods where we actually do really well. Than, out of nowhere multiple players have brainfarts and we simply gift opportunities.

I feel like we missed a great opportunity to possibly even win this game in the 2nd half. It wasn't to be and we only hsve ourselves to blame for that.

But if we continue this way, maybe we can at least take a lot of points from mid/small teams and that'll still leave is at a very good position at the table.
Didn't catch the game but question, can Sosa replace Monti to allow Kucka and Bona freedom forward or is he a direct sub for Kucka? This midfield is going to kill us all season again and will drain our defenders.
A Montolivo replacement is definitely what we need, but more than that we need a culture change and I am sorry to say I very much doubt Montella will do that, and make no mistake it will take more than just new owners to change culture and not even Albertiini or Maldini are solutions. We used to make fun of no Italians at Inter, Milan could use some of that actually, what I mean is throw out all 'preferential' treatment, may be preferential is a strong word but what I mean the courage to dump Montolivo and the mindset that makes him captain.

This concludes another negative post by me Grinundwech
Despite the loss I really liked the way we played at times. Montolivo and Abate have been steady starters down the last few losing years, perhaps they have been problems. I'm sorry but Calabria had a more effective game in two minutes on the pitch than Abate did the entire match. Don't know how our midfield would work if we started Sosa instead of Monty since they are two different players, but at this point I'd do it.

Bonaventura is a fantastic player, you can tell when he wants that he's a level above almost everyone on our team. It seems like he's getting fed up though, he seems to give up when we begin to lose. Could it be too much losing Big Grin? Regardless, I've noticed this about him and I don't think it's the right attitude don't know if anyone else has noticed this.

Donnarumma shows time and time again that he's going to be the worlds next best goalkeeper, felt bad that Napoli was able to score such simple goals on the guy.

Gomez looked pretty good, Montella commented saying that he has a lot of room for growth, but he plays too 'individually', I'm not sure I noticed that part of his game to be honest. I did notice he took a while to pass the ball but it was his first game and Milan is a big step up from his previous club. Sosa took very little touches and didn't risk much so no comment.

Finally, kudos to Niang and Suso. Niang was stupid getting sent off but he showed his quality breaking the deadlock in a game where we seemed down and out, if the team isn't clicking what he did individually with his pace and strength also showed some leadership IMO. Even though I feel like he's been at Milan for a while, Niang's only 21 years old.. He's doing really well for his age, the next few years are vital to see him turn into a top or flop though. Suso played really well and has been, his passing is pinpoint accurate, his crossing is always dangerous and his dribbling has drastically improved, hardly ever losing the ball - not to mention his shooting. I think he'll be a breathe of fresh air and I'm glad hes playing.

When I consider all these factors, I'm pretty content with our attack. Our defence could use a more experienced player who can instantly add quality at CB, and tbh I would have sold De Sciglio for the 20-25mln euros. I would have spent every penny on a capable proven replacement and I would either buy a new RB as well or use Calabria more often. Our wingbacks are simply ineffective, they have good and bad games but every top team has wingbacks that sometimes contribute more than anyone. Alaba and Lahm on Bayern are constantly involved in Bayerns game sometimes even more than anyone else, shooting, passing, crossing, creating, running tirelessly. Take a look at Real Madrid, Ronaldo and Bale get all the praise and are known for being the finalizers but Marcelo is constantly making a difference.

Bottom line, I wouldn't touch our attack come January. I'd buy a top top quality replacement for Montolivo, and another midfielder if possible, and I'd make the next priority two new fullbacks and selling DS, and THEN a CB if possible. I feel like our wingbacks are good for nothing, they're simply ineffective. If we had a guy like Marcelo, he would dribble better than any of our wingers let alone fullbacks, defend better than them too, and be more creative than our midfielders. It's sad to say, but true. Every top team has technical fullbacks, they should be all around complete players. They should be able to pass well and create, attack and defend well and cross better than anyone else. DS can be solid defensively sometimes, but makes costly errors. He's slow and static going forward, and can't dribble or create if his life depended on it. Abate is fast but extremely predictable, and at times he only recovers possession because of his speed, I notice him getting burned many times only to get back to the ball because of how fast he is. I know fullbacks are a rare luxury out there, but I still think we can do better than what we have.
Montolivo is getting so much stick from every media outlet out there! Rightfully so!

A captain doesn't need to be the best player on the field, but he certainly can't be tge worst one.......almost all the time!
Oh and I want to add to my negative post from yesterday, Montolivo is being called to the Azzurri too, in late 2016 lol, despite his performances and the stick he is getting like you guys say. To me it is really proof that it is a cultural problem too, Milan is part of it and needs a huge reset, change of ownership is a big step but nowhere near all that is needed.
You are absolutely correct. There are many call ups in that squad that just make you slam your head against the wall. Sure, maybe Ventura wants to see what these guys can offer first and foremost....but I don't thinks. Montolivo doesn't deserve to be in the National Team right now. Simple as that!
My guess is that Ventura is just assessing different players. This probably would be Montolivo's last call up.
Didnt catch the game, those 4 goals conceded look very easy goals, should ve dealt with those goals. Maybe new CB needs better coordination or defence line just sucks or not enough protection from captain or all 3 Smile? Donnaruma, despite conceded 4, looked amazing between the posts, Niang, stupid red card aside, should play like that every game, take on defenders with his pace, square a pass or just make a shot like that. Just do it with more confidence.
They were very easy goals, tap ins and bad marking. I think we could've had Napoli if we had someone instead of Montolivo. I found it comical that when Sosa came on Montella didn't even take Montolivo off, I thought that would've been a no brainer. I'm personally expecting a Van Ginkel scenario in regards to Palsic or w.e his name is but at this point if we buy nobody else I'd give him a shot because I can't watch Montolivo anymore lol