Winter Transfer Window 2017
Well, the summer is over and it's time to already start thinking about the future!  Sagrin

Galliani seems to be on his way out, and we will have a new CEO (Fassone) along with a whole new managing team (sporting dorector, team manager, etc). What's even more exciting, it seems like we will hire some of our old legends (Maldini, Albertini). Sabatini is linked as the new SD but rumors are now saying that he'll stay at Roma and renew his contract. 

I think the role of a SD is an important one, but what's even more cruicial is to have a good team behind that SD that he trusts along with a good scouting network. No one person should have the amount of power like Galliani did. It should be a team effort with checks and balances. 

On top of all of this, heavy investment is expected starting this January. But to clear things up, I think people are misunderstanding the 85mil deposit thing. That money is going to Fininvest as part of the payment to buy the club. That money is not for Milan's operations. However, if the sale is completed by January than the new owners will be free to start their investment.

This investment brings us to the fun part. If they really will set aside 350mil for transfer operations for the next 3 years, than this is absolutely huge. A competent, unbiased and "uncurropted" (is this a word?Big Grin) management can do wonders with that type of money.

So now, how would everyone here spend 350mil Euros?? Big Grin Obviously that won't be spent in one summer and our needs will evolve as we go and a lot will depend on getting into the CL also....... but knowing what we know now and needing what we need now, how would you guys improve the squad with this sort of power (assumimg CL is not an issue and that we actually get in it this season)? Clearly, some players that we want now will also not be in demand a year from now due to injuries, bad form, etc. We also need to keep it somewhat realistic, as sometimes no money can buy certain players....but I am a firm believer that apart from maybe 2-3 players in the world, everyone can be bought...especially if Milan returns to being the glamour club that we once were not so long ago. It's weird to say, but just 10 years ago we were in a world of our own. No player would have said no to us. The things many players say about Madrid/Barca now, they used to be said about Milan ("you can't say no to Milan", "i will only leave _______ for Milan", etc). All players saw Milan as a step up in their career, as the pinnacle of their career. 

My wish-list is pretty extensive Big Grin , but I would actually keep it to big signings after this winter. I think we need a few names to put us back on the map, to spike interest in this team again. For this winter, we would just have to get whatever the needs are out of whatever is available. We all want a midfielder, but we are full of them now akd if they do well in the next 4 months than our priorities might be different this January.

I'll post my plan later on. This post is already a book...I don't want to make it any longer...
We added some players who risk being considered dead wood within months and we gave a few extensions that may have the same dead wood effect, the negative side of things is our midfield is bloated and while it is easy to say we need quality midfield starters now we have to get rid of more existing ones. Otherwise if the 350million over 3 years is real and all transfer allocated then massive improvement must be expected as early as next season, huge task awaits Fassone and his team (yes a team please)
Don't "give up" on Galiani so easy. His "mission" is maybe not over jet. There's still a lot of free agents he can bring in before he leaves ,as Bendtner ,Mexes ,Adebayor ,Flamini etc. Fact that this mercato is over and that we're going to do next one without him(most likely) is not garantion that we're safe from him and his actions. Big Grin Once he's officialy out - sun will raise above Milanello again. Till than - with big caution...
Avaiting for arrival of exorcist into our boardroom.
If we have about 100mln available for January I'd buy one superstar midfielder; someone like Isco,Kroos, or Verratti. Then I'd buy a big named defender, Garay was an interesting pick, but even a return for Thiago Silva + buying that young brazilian defender Rodrigo Caio would be good.
I don't think Isco or Verratti will be moving in January (if that's what you meant). I think if we make it into the CL, with the type of money we will have available next summer, we owe it to ourselves to go for Verratti (if there is any possibility of him leaving all honesty, that possibility is very low as their owners absolutely love him). If we are going to be the richest Italian team, we might as well have the best Italian player. Devilol  Verratti however, even if available will cost at least 80mil and I wouldn't be surprised if it reaches Pogba type of numbers. I am all for it though. Well worth it imo, when players like Joao Mario and Kondogbia are going for 40mil. It's all subjective I guess.

Isco on the other hand is a real possibility. I just saw this - - Malaga's SD basically says that it was Real's idea for a possible transfer, not Malaga's. In other words, Real is open to a transfer/loan but it is probably Isco that wants to stay. I don't blame him, it is not easy to leave Real. But I am sure that if the current situation continues, than I have no doubt in my mind that he too will be ok with a move. (he has only played 17 minutes in the first game and none in the second so far this season) So far, every midfielder has been considered ahead of him. Casemiro, Kroos and Modric are the undisputed starters in Zidane's mind...while Kovacic and Asensio come next (even though Asensio has been used more as a winger/attacking mid).

I would say, if Isco is a possibility this January (I think he will be), than this should be our first signing. I think he would cost somewhere around 30-35mil. It will be money well spent.

Reza, you are absolutely right. We have a little bit of a problem in the sense that we are overloaded with players.....and we have no clue if they will come good or not. Pasalic and Mati are on a loan, so I guess if they don't perform it'll be easy to get rid of them as they'll just return to where they came from. Poli's and Honda's contracts end at the end of the season too. So that's 4 players that we simply don't have to worry about, especially if they don't perform. I can see Montolivo being a problem especially with his new 3 year contract that Galliani gave him, while Kucka and Bertolacci can still be serviceable at least as squad players. But even if we want to get rid of them, I think it can be pretty easy to do so (loans if not anything more). Sosa is here for 2 years. No other way about it at this point, so I just hope that he performs well.
But in any case, although signing many players in January is probably not going to happen as the numbers just won't allow it...I think 1-2 good signings (Isco being one for example) are a real possibility. Than in the summer, more opportunities will open up and more of our players will leave...opening a lot of space for new investments.
I hope by this mercato Galliani is gone and we have one set of proper and real mgt, then only we can say whoever we want..and of course if the 100M is real Smile
Verratti got 2 extentions this year. Who were 2 teams who asked for him? (l made a quick search on Google, it looks like First Bayern Monaco then Barça asked for him and both offers were rejected by PSG)

Caio, Kroos, T.Alcantara would be a very nice mercato for January. Then we can focus on FB's and attacking trio.
I see Chelse bought Luiz back, maybe we can try the same with T. Silva, he's 31 yo now, stil 2 yrs to give at least..
Kroos and Alcantara are not going to leave in January. Even if they were, we are still some ways of being able to sign players like these. First we need CL football, than some consistency and stability. In other words, we need to get back to being Milan again.

The 2 best midfielders that might become available in January are Isco/Kovacic. We might have the possibility of buying one of them, but it's January and everything will be so much more difficult. Maybe Real will want a replacement for them...but will they be able to find that in January?

T.Silva is still excellent and I agree that he's got a few years left at the top. Injuries have been the main problem for him. But in any case, I'm just not a fan of the "come backs".

Well, come on Chinese! Make it happen! Big Grin