Winter Transfer Window 2017
It's funny how things change. I was not opposed to selling him a year ago, but now I have made a complete u-turn. He is a very important part of this team and even though he can still be frustrating at times, he is improving every day and i feel like there is still a lot more to come from him.

There are other options at his position though that can be bought (Keita for example) it wouldn't be a disaster if he wanted to leave and he was sold. But having said that, screw them for 35mil. English teams pay some stupid sums for players even to smaller if they want one of Milan's most important players they better up that sum or the player is staying. We don't really need tge money. (Feels nice to say that Big Grin)
Muntari strikes back !

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Sergio Agüero told by Guardiola he can leave Man City. Would be a nice way for our new owners to show they are the real deal.  Devilcool
I gotta say....Kessie looks really good for Atalanta now. Physically strong, technically proficient, applies pressure very well. Very interesting player. I know many have mentioned him in the past.

Also, watching Torino - Lazio in the background......Antonio Barreca looks very good on the LB position for Torino as does Zappacosta on the right. Keita has actually had a pretty bad game so far in the 1st half.
Torino has a good coach with an eye for talents and courage to play young players. I am still grateful what he did for us last season.
(10-23-2016, 03:13 PM)xudong Wrote: Torino has a good coach with an eye for talents and courage to play young players.  I am still grateful what he did for us last season.

Absolutely agree with this.

Promote Donarumma for first choice GK was really unexpected.
"When Costacurta and Maldini won they didn't celebrate much. They were thinking about winning the next game" - Alessandro Nesta
True. Miha was also ready to play Locatelli and always said that he has a high opinion of the kid. He also made Niang a very important player of his side.

The bad things? He sent out Suso, which I have always said was a mistake. It left us with little to no options....even though in the long run, this was probably good for Suso himself.
What about el Shaarawy? I always think he can be very useful, albeit a bit limited. I also don't think he is mentally tough, but then again, I am not a psychiatrist and really have no expertise in that area.

Also, did el Shaarawy choose to leave or Mihajlovic make him?
Hard to say, but in the end I think he chose to leave. Miha made thise comments about using him as a mezzala, but not sure if behind the scenes obviously there was something else.

In any case, I think SES wanted to be viewed as a starter on the left wing. He wantes to be one of the important players. I don't think he got those guarantees from Miha...and rightfully so. Even in today's Milan, had he stayed, he would still be only a rotation player imo. He has confidence issues, but even technically he isn't where a top wide player should be. Ironically for him, he is a rotation player at Roma too.
nefremo I also watched the Inter match and was impressed by Kessie. Actually, since we were linked to him back in the summer, I've kept an eye out for his performances and must say he is a quality player that has potential to be a world class box to box midfielder. He'd be an excellent alternative to Kucka imo, though he's not as physical or aggressive (something I'd like to see him improve), but technically he's significantly better.

However, my biggest question at the moment is what is the Chinese Milan plan? My biggest hope is they don't fail to acknowledge what has been well by Galliani and co in recent years. I don't praise them for much these days, but as I've said for a while, I believe the work in the youth sector is our biggest asset, so I hope they continue to give space and opportunities to talents coming through like Zanellato, Llamas and La Ferrara to name a few.

However, I wouldn't begrudge them for wanting some immediate improvements too. The way I see it, as things stand we have a few positions that need consideration. For example, I really like Suso, but he needs to deliver more consistency and grow quickly now imo. Honestly, if he can reach his potential, I see a possible David Silva like player in him, but at the moment he's got areas that need to improve to reach there.

Kucka's another, at the very least we need an alternative. However, Kucka has limitations and in all honesty I'd have no issue with an "upgrade" being brought in to take his spot. In that respect, a guy like Kessie isn't the immediate improvement I'm talking about.

Bonaventura's another who needs looking at. I'm not saying he needs replacing (he's been really good), but we need an alternative for sure. Imo Sosa doesn't really give enough to warrant that role, I'd rather someone who can push Bonaventura more.

Paletta's position is up for debate. Again, he's another that's been excellent for us, for now I'm happy for him to retain his spot for this season and then we can see how things progress from there.

Finally, the fullbacks need consideration. It's not an area I'm necessarily suggesting need improvement this coming January, but they are positions that need continued monitoring to see how DES and Calabria in particular grow this year. I expect them, much more than Abate and Antonelli, to show signals of growth and consistency to warrant their starting spots.

Actually, one additional review for next summer needs to be Bacca, as at 30 the clock is now ticking and we'll need to consider long term solutions. Ultimately, I want to understand the Chinese plan for Milan's future, but expect that with money will come heavy investment to improve the side/squad. However, it would be a massive mistake to not build on the work we've seen from the youth sector.