Winter Transfer Window 2017
Aguero seems like a dream currently. Maybe if we get into the CL at the end of the season, it will be a possibility, but by than so many things may change, both with him and with us. It's hard to say no to a payer like him, not only because of his playing ability but also because of status. In recent times we have had debates here about us being able to not only afford players, but lure them to Milan simply because there are far more attractive clubs out there in today's world. Well being able to pull in someone like Aguero will be a massive signal to everyone, and it will than be a lot easier to pull other class players.

Having said that...he plays in a position that is not of immediate need as we have plenty of players up there for the central role. But as Dev and Sylrus, Bacca is not getting any younger and as much as people may love him and as much as he is's no secret that he has some big flaws as well. If I had the opportunity to replace him with Aguero, I would do it in a heart beat.

I would also like to point out that Verratti was apparently fuming at his substitution yesterday. Sagrin  Come to Milan buddy!!! I promise you, you won't leave the game at the 60th minute.....ever!!! Big Grin
I would say no to Aguero. He will cost a lot of money and I really doubt he would decrease his salary to the level of Serie A. I don't want us to be like PSG or similar who just splash money almost without limit for one player who are not the best in the world. We need continuity in finansial capability something like Juve have been doing.

Aguero is 28 years old, an age perfect for top performance. To sell him later however is not a good move. Most of strikers' price sink when the players reach 30.

As people already mentioned we have already Bacca. If we want to get one big name striker we should sell him first.

Milan should prefer to buy established Serie A players and/or Serie A rising star (except they already play for club like Juve, Inter, Napoli). Such kind of players need much less time to adapt to Serie A with new club. In addition Milan could search for South American talents. I know they cost a lot but only some of them cost crazy money (40-50 mil euros or more). There are still talents there who could play for Milan with reasonable cost (still expensive though but not crazy Big Grin).

Buying world class players who are not needed by their clubs could be an option looking the necessitiy of the club. This include almost finished players but this kind of transfer need to be evaluated seriously. Only players like Cafu, Bommel, Yepes should be targeted.

We have been experiencing the condition without exteremely limited transfer budget. I personally don't want this kind of situation happen again. As much money as we have, it would never enough to build trophies-winning team if we don't have a good plan both for short and long term. The heavy budget could also dissappear like happened to Milan since the last few years.
"When Costacurta and Maldini won they didn't celebrate much. They were thinking about winning the next game" - Alessandro Nesta
I would take Aguero without any hesitation, as long as the new owners know that there are other areas to reinforce as well. He's definitely an upgrade to Bacca, both for scoring goals and contributing to play. He scored 27 goals and won top scorer in 14/15, and scored 17 last season which is good numbers. In reality, I wouldn't expect him to score that many more goals than Bacca would in a defensive league like Serie A, but he's miles ahead in terms of what he offers to our general gameplay.
I am hesitant. Aguero would be much better than Bacca in my opinion. He is a few years younger, and his style fits our team better (he can probably create chances for himself without a strong supporting midfield--hopefully, our new rich owners will be smart and invest in midfield). Bottom line, it certainly would not be downgrading if we replace Bacca with Aguero. But at what cost? I am afraid that he will easily cost twice as much (both transfer fee and wage). that's not a sustainable way to rebuild our team, I am afraid, and it can easily cause problems off the pitch. I wouldn't mind if eventually we replace Bacca with players like Berardi.

So many members are talking about Franck Kessie. I went online and checked out a few videos. Yes, I think I would like to have him. Big Grin
It's kind of amazing and amusing at the same time to see how the tone of this forum changed after that Juve game, lol. All the doom and gloom have turned completely 180. They say winning cures everything, that sentiment is indeed alive and well here, lol.

While I am absolutely amazed by the impact Locatelli and Donna made to our team the last couple of seasons, and certainly wish to see us continue giving youth a chance. I do want to warn against the danger of a full blown youth policy as well. Young players who looked promising but ends up splattering down the road is unfortunately nothing new. While I want to believe Loca can be our new Pirlo, he has got a very very long way to go in his development and a ton of things could go wrong to derail his progress.

Whether we like it or not, soccer is a money game now. You literally can't expect to be a big time team without having loads of cash coming in. And the success on the field directly leads to that cash. We are talking CL, sponsorship, television, merchandising and touring money here. That is why the new owners, whoever they are, will most likely not sanction a full blown youth revolution. They simply cannot afford the risk. I don't necessarily think they will just blow up the entire team and sign an entire roster of new players, but they definitely will invest and get some high level players. Unfortunately, this will most likely mean the youngsters will have smaller room to roam and play, but that is honestly the reality of life.
If there's a chance to get Aguero, we need to sign him. He would be by far our best player and would improve the team bigtime!
slifersd, I agree with you. I don't think anyone really wants a full-blown youth policy though. I know I don't. Ability to sign big, quality players is essential...but only at positions of need. 

What I mean by that is....the youth system (and other young players from within Italy that are showing good quality and we can get before they become 45/50/60mil players, ex: Romagnoli) should be the backbone of the squad.
1) Some of them will be given starters and turn into class player able to play against anyone (hopefully)
2) Some/More of them will only be able to be rotation/back up players to provide cover, but won't win us the CL, put it that way

Although, #1 is amazing if it happens......#2 is just as important, if not even more. Breeding our own players to be rotation quality at Milan is essential. That means we can focus all our resources in signing only world class players. It would mean that we don't have to spend half of our budget on these "secondary" players....AND on top of that there is always that chance that given the attention, nurture, and opportunities...some of these players in the #2 category will eventually get into that #1 category.

Now of course...not all will want to stay to be rotation players, so many will leave I am sure. But this should be the plan going forward imo. For example, if we can have even 10-15 players from our youth system out of a squad of 25 (not necessarily OUR youth system as players like Niang or Suso that we would have invested in while they were young also count)....than this would be huge for us. Than just make sure that the other 10 or so players in the squad are players that add quality out of which some need to be big world class players. 

It's an ideal situation, I know. It's very hard for something like this to be incorporated and things don't always align like this. But it's not impossible. One example is certainly Donnarumma. I remember having conversations with someone last year about NOT getting another GK after Lopez's injury. This was precisely my point. Donnarumma was performing well, but still people were not convinced only because of his they would have rather brought in a GK. This may have been a tragedy for Donnarumma...and for us if I am honest. We were going to spend 5/7/10+ mil on a GK, while we had one right there all along. The point is, we need to give quality a chance no matter the age. Than we see what happens. It's the same with Locatelli now. Let's see how this works out.....and all of a sudden come January and May....a holding mid may not be a need we focus our resources elsewhere.
Basically, the priority of this squad should be to continue our currently functional youth system and try to continually produce young Italian talent that can function as the backbone of our squad, and then we simply invest where needed. Can we get a better left winger than Niang? Yes, but I'm willing to give him another season or two with a starting place to continue his growth. The guys been loaned out and tossed around, never gave up and made the difference in a lot of matches. Point is, we shouldn't undervalue the essence of motive, that is, what our players share in common when playing in our starting 11. The most important of them all is to play for the shirt and loyalty. Players like Niang, Suso, DS, Calabria, Locatelli, Donnarumma have worked (and continue to work) very hard to break a starting place and we shouldn't throw this away because we have money.

In essence, I would sign a top notch left back and keep DS & Calabria on the right. I'd sign a CB, someone like Silva or Mascherano - but rotate them with our current CB's, because both Paletta and Romagnoli deserve a spot and ample playing time in our backline. I'm not sure if it's in Montella's plans, but we could even rotate a 3-man backline if we had three quality CB's like Paletta, Romagnoli and Silva. Finally, I would replace Bacca; I've been saying this for a while, even after he's proven he can be a proven goalscorer, I just don't see him being able to bring this attack up a notch. We need someone more technical, and we need someone from the midfield like Fabregas, but in his prime. Someone who can spread the ball, we'd then have the perfect balance of what we've seen at Barca in their earlier glory days with Xavi, Iniesta & Busquets where we saw a display of a perfectly functioning midfield, literally. Xavi, the player who could pick out a pass from anywhere (this is the player we need to buy), Busquets, the tall physical player who does well recovering possession and is a diligent passer as well (Locatelli, with some maturity), and finally someone who joins the attack often and drives the ball up the field (Iniesta), or Bonaventura for us Big Grin

I think a midfield like that possesses the most valuable traits and put together forms a very balanced trio, especially in a 4-3-3 and its variations. We could easily move Bonaventura up into CAM and drop Fabregas/Locatelli back, or put Kucka in for one of the two to sure up defensively etc etc. I'd also extend the importance of players like Kucka, who would be great coming off the bench to close out games or do some dirty work. If we think back to Seedorf/Pirlo/Gattuso we had something very similar as well.
l watched Keita from RB Leipzig last week. What a BTB player. What a team. All running and pressing hard. l can see them winning Bundesliga in 2-3 years time.

Aguero would be a great signing.

Bellerin Silva Roma Hector/Rodriguez
Verratti Keita
F.Anderson Dembele
So you wanna switch every single player except Gigio amd Romagnoli??? Screw the youth system....and screw reality too!!!! Big Grin

@WCmilan, good post!