Winter Transfer Window 2017
"Milan will try to sign Cesc & Kovacic in January

AC Milan are to launch ambitious moves for Mateo Kovacic and Cesc Fabregas, of Real Madrid and Chelsea respectively, during the January transfer window.

Source: Gazzetta dello Sport
Wednesday, September 7, 2016 19:46"
Also Verratti and Harry Kane linked Big Grin
No Harry Kane pls. Isco yes.
If we make it into thhe CL, I hope we throw the kitchen sink at PSG for Verratti. He just recently said that if he leaves PSG than he would like to return to Italy. Also, there was rumors of him not being so happy with the position that Emery has him playing. It's a long shot. I'm just fishing for hope. Big Grin

I think it's going to be important to strengthen this winter, but just as important not to get carried away and follow a plan.
Imo the plan should still be: 1 winger, 1 midfielder and 1 CB. That's as of right now obviously. For example if Gomez turns out great, than the necessity for a CB goes down drastically and the same for the other positions.

Ideally, this is what I would do with this big investment that seems incoming:
This winter:
1. Sign one of Kovacic/Isco (this actually should cost no more than 30-35 mil and imo is very possible should be choose to pursue it)

2. Sign Musacchio (again, 30mil should do the trick, Montella loves him and he checks all the boxes for what we need. Also, Villareal will sell for that money as they pretty much openly stated that)

Next summer: (and this is where some of the dreaming starts Big Grin )
3. Douglas Costa (pace, pace, pace and great danger in the final third with great 1v1 ability...we have close to none of those things right now.......Bayern won't sell if they don't want to....but you never know. Bid high enough and anything is possible. Also, Joorabchian is like Raiola and he won't miss an opportunity to fill his pockets. I would say 50mil plus Kia money and all of a sudden this can become a good possibility)

4. RB/LB. I don't have a clue who, but we definitely need one. Rodriguez seems to be a very popular name these days and I can see why. He is a very balanced fullback and I can see him moving soon. I wouldn't spend more than 25 on a fullback though and maybe we can even fond someone a lot cheaper than that.

5. The biggest signing of them all, Verratti. Spend whatever is necessary...Pogba kind of money if need be. 100mil!

6. Find a good Box-2-Box CM (runner) to compliment Verratti and Isco/Kovacic.

7. Sell all the crap we have plus some others that will be in excess of requirement due to the new signings.

8. Use the rest of the money to sign some exciting new youngsters.

Some of these are attainable (Kovacic/Isco, Musacchio, Rodriguez), some less so (Costa) and some near impossible (Verratti). But I would gladly spend the money i mentioned on these guys and it still turns out to "only" be 250mil plus whatever we spend on that B2B. Point being is that 350mil is a lot of money and if spent correctly, it can make us even a CL contender very quick.

I think this:
Donnarumma - De Sciglio - Musacchio - Romagnoli - Rodriguez - Verratti - Isco - B2B CM - Costa - Bonaventura - Niang/Bacca
is able to challenge anyone out there.
I have wanted Verratti at Milan since he was in Pescara. But even then he wanted Juve. Don't see how he could come to us. Juve would surely give a fight.
How about darmian???

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Darmian will be too low- profile signing once we get the money haha I dont see anything special from him since he joined MU.
Juventus doesn't have the funds to buy Verratti. They can not dish out 100+mil on a single player again. The only reason they did it this year is because they sold Pogba for 100+....but they don't have another Pogba to sell for that much again next year.

About him wanting Juventus when he was at Pescara, I believe he made favorable comments about them because they were the only other team interested and in negotiations. The question was never Milan or Juventus or Inter, etc. Also, don't forget that Verratti has already been at Milan. He was scouted and brought to Milan's youth teams a long time ago, but he was very young and wanted to go back home. He didn't want to be away from home.

About Darmian, I think he is a good option...but like edysim, i have never been that impressed with him. He is a solid player don't get me wrong...but in all honesty, is he better that De Sciglio?
I read RM and ATM are not allowed to buy players until 2018. Its difficult to get Isco if that's the case.

If we managed to bring Veratti back from PSG, that would send very strong indication to all other clubs that we are f***ing serious to get back to the top.
get verratti and james rodriguez, and we will be set for years. Big Grin