Winter Transfer Window 2017
(02-03-2017, 02:41 PM)Sampinjon Wrote: Why would we spent even a single euro for player who can't contribute anything ? From like a million clubs in the world only few showed interest in him. On one of those he even failed medicals. He hasn't played for over a year. IF G says he'll "be fit in a month", that's like 2-3 months in reality. Injury history for last two years...for museum. And than contract ends... Goodbye sheeps and thank you for your 400 000...
Maximum we sould have offered to him is - volontaire contract with no salary (he's not earning anything right now ,anyways) ,just payed apartment ,food etc. In exchange for his "services" he has chance to revive his career. And option that if any club want to sign him with giving him actual salary ,he can terminate contract with us and go freely... You agree Caceres? Good. You don't agree? Keep roting wherever you're right now...

Amen to that.
He passed medicals.

Martin Caceres has reportedly passed his Milan medical, and will now work out personal terms.
Avaiting for arrival of exorcist into our boardroom.
Caceres move could be off due to his wage demands:
greedy like gali
Is Raiola his agent by any chance?
He wants 1.5mil for 6 months???? No even actually, since the season only has 4 months left in it.
Wow! If this is true, i would just tell him to get the hell out of the office. No more negotiation, no compromise. You are a greedy son of a bitch and i dont want you here even for free.

Can you beliebe the balls on this guy? The arrogance? Hasn't played in over a clubs are willing to sign him...failed a medical at Trabsonspor already.....yet he wants a 1.5 mil contract for half a season. Screw that! He can go F himself!
It is also unbelievable that (if reports are true of course) Galliani was prepared to give him 700 000.
Avaiting for arrival of exorcist into our boardroom.
Galliani really have no dignity.
Avaiting for arrival of exorcist into our boardroom.
I have no idea how an agreement is not before the medical. Of course everything is and can be pending the medical but numbers are not crunched before? First time I hear this.
You can't blame Caceres. His morale must be high, ego must be big at this moment. After all, isn't this the first medical he actually "passed" for a long while? And, if Milan is so stupid to even consider him, why let this once in a life time opportunity slip?

I bet that he will still sign, with probably a slightly lower salary. Then Falling will praise him for being a champion both on and of the field (the financial "sacrifice").

Edit: Falling should be Galliani. Funny that autocorrect does that. Big Grin