Winter Transfer Window 2017
Costa would be great and a real LW
He can play well on both wings which is a big plus. Has that burst of speed to skill beat his both towards the middle and down the line. And in all honesty, the guy has one of the most dangerous crosses in football right now.

I'm afraid that Joorabchian will push him towards Inter though...
Costa would be great, I agree.

It just occurred to me, what happened to Caceres? Did I miss something?

EDIT: Never mind, I turned to my best friend Google and got the news.
Douglas Costa would be awesome... and there's still a lot of talk about Balde! Costa and Balde would definitely leave us sorted in the wingers department... All we need now is some full backs, a CB, a couple of Cms(talk about us trying to get Kessie-happy with that) and a better striker, or one that fits better, than Bacca
I'd love to see us sign Mbappe Lottin... That bloke's going to be special
Douglas Costa would definitely serve as a proper introduction for the Chinese, and a proper introduction as to our intentions to return as a top club. He will be a big hit, especially given our Brazilian tendencies, I think fans will love this move, I know I will.

We need to sell Bacca ASAP, and tbh I don't rate Lapadula as a proper back-up striker either. We need more in attack midfield and defence, for this season I'm beyond happy if we qualify for Europa league, at least we can watch our team back in Europe.
Is this the new reality after chinese takeover?

I guess once the takeover has been completed, if ever, it's about time a new summer mercato thread is created.  Devilcool
D. Costa, Aguero , Keita. Pls complete takeover next week Smile

The timing of this is a little bit off. We can not replace him now and this is a problem. I'm not sure how much money they would offer, but it wouldn't even mean anything because we can't spend it right now. I think we should keep him until the summer and than look into the possibility of a sale. The new owners are going to bring a ton of money anyway (if reports are true), so I don't see what the use of selling now is....
He doesn't need replacing, he's like playing with a man down 90% of the time. He comes through the odd occasion with a goal but he contributes absolutely nothing in open play.