Matchday 5: Milan - Lazio (Tuesday, September 20th - 20:45 CET)
Seeing as no one has started the thread, I thought I would. Don't blame me if we don't win Big Grin

The big thing to note is the team could look somewhat different, DES and Calabria were tried yesterday so may play. In midfield, Kucka is likely to play in place of Bonaventura and Locatelli could get the nod over Montolivo.
Thanks Dev, if we win you have to start all Big Grin

Very interesting if Locatelli starts, would be good to see and Montella has the 'excuse' of giving Montolivo a rest for a mid week game
Thanks, Dev. I hope that we win. Too bad I will have to miss a big chunk of the game due to work. Why does it have to be on a Tuesday? Angry
Good to hear Locatelli probably may start, lets see how we do without Montolivo..
Latest is that it won't happen and Montolivo will retain his place ....
My bad, I was travelling this weekend Big Grin Grinundwech

Quote:Ecco i 24 convocati per la quinta giornata di campionato in programma martedì alle 20.45 a San Siro:

PORTIERI: Donnarumma (99), Gabriel (1), Plizzari (35)
DIFENSORI: Abate (20), Calabria (96), De Sciglio (2), Ely (4), Gomez (15), Paletta (29), Romagnoli (13), Vangioni (21)
CENTROCAMPISTI: Bonaventura (5), Honda (10), Kucka (33), Locatelli (73), Montolivo (18), Pasalic (80), Poli (16), Sosa (23)
ATTACCANTI: Bacca (70), Lapadula (9), Luiz Adriano (7), Niang (11), Suso (8).
Siamo a posto cosi.
I kind of want to see Jack play his natural position at LW, and put Niang or Bacca at striker. I don't think that starting Locatelli against a side like Lazio would be ideal, but let's see how it works out. I'd prefer Pasalic to be in the holding midfielder role (even though he probably hasn't settled in too well yet) and give Sosa and Kucka freedom to create chances.

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(09-20-2016, 02:58 AM)reza Wrote: Latest is that it won't happen and Montolivo will retain his place ....
Coach playing mind games..  Devilcool
These frequent games are kinda nice.
I don't have a problem with us not starting Locatelli. The boy has talent, but let's ease him into it. If Montella thinks he is ready and plays him from the start, fine. But than, don't tear the kid up when he makes his mistakes (he WILL make them, it's natural and especially in that position they are magnified), lose confidence in him and leave him on the bench for a couple of months where he also completely loses his own confidence.

I think ideally we should introduce him to games for 15/20/30 mins per game and let him grow slowly into it. I am so afraid of us burning up another talent and destroying their confidence.

@somedevil.....I agree. These midweek games break up the week nicely and give us something to look forward to. I wish they were CL games though. Hell, I'd even settle for EL games at this point. Waiting an entire week to watch Milan is too much sometimes.