The History of AC Milan
Just to let you all know I've recently written a novel on Kilpin, The Lord of Milan, which I've published in English and Italian (and launched at Casa Milan a few weeks ago).

You can get a signed copy from my website for £10 and p&p.
Thanks for the link, you've definitely piqued my interest (not hard given the subject matter).

I assume that's you we have the pleasure of seeing in the Kickstarter video for the documentary too Wink
For anyone interested, here's rossoneriblog's article (with an excerpt) for Lord of Milan:

I haven't actually read it yet.
Wasn't sure where else to put this, but an interesting tidbit for anyone who didn't know this...
My eyes almost popped out when I read that 900 million Lire bid! Imagine how much would that cost during that time. On a different note, I agree with the author stating that a combination of Rivera, Altafini and Pele must have been quite a scene.
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(12-06-2018, 10:37 PM)reza Wrote:

I've just ordered The Lord of Milan on Amazon. It's a must read for any football fan I guess. And the fact that he was an Englishman from Nottingham who actually created one of the most popular clubs. I'm now planning to dig deeper and find some more info about his life and career.
We have to keep buying old DVD for long time.
Today is the 56th Anniversary of winning our First ever UCL. See how things are fallen apart for us Facepalm
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