Matchday 16: Roma - Milan (Monday, December 12 - 21:00 CET)
I don't have much time but I know people are itching to discuss this match so I'll get the thread started! Big game - we're tied for 2nd place and Roma has been in pretty good form as of late. We have some injuries and suspensions but if we're organized and defend well, we should be able to come out of this game with a positive result.
Siamo a posto cosi.
They don't have Salah, Paredes or Florenzi. Strootman is suspended. I say we have a good chance as long as we can contain Dzeko.
can we??
the guy is on fire lately.
Cut off his supply lines and we might be able to solve the Dzeko problem. Unfortunately, that entails dealing with Perotti Naingolan (whom I rate highly and wished we'd signed him back when he was in Cagliari) and De Rossi, who is a moving wall in the middle of the park.
Breaking down their midfield may be a step too far for our thin midfield at the moment, I rate theirs even higher than Juve's. Oh, and then there's El Shaarawy, who will be itching to score against us.

Given how poorly we've been actually doing recently despite picking up the points, we really need a great game from everyone regardless of which players they are missing. The boys better be bringing their A game, otherwise we're going to be dominated in the middle of the park.

That said, it depends on who we play in the middle. A young side with Locatelli Pasilic and Jack (if he can make it back), might just work if we outrun and out-pass them. I would avoid direct battles unless our boys are really up to it on the day.
We got the young 'un's. We take out big gunz  Devilcool
I hope that Dzeko has used up all his luck and go dry against us. It is not impossible and can easily happen to pure CF that relies heavily on services.

I think the key would be the midfield. We are certainly inferior to them, but if we have Jack back, hopefully we can make up for some quality and then our defense can help out.

Too bad Kucka is an idiot and got that stupid yellow card within the only few minutes. Otherwise, I really think he would be the type of player that thrives in a game like this.

One more comment: Is it just me or Milan has played Roma a lot in December in recent years?
Roma scored plenty but conceded as well. We cant have Pasalic Locatelli and Sosa in midfield. We have chance if Bona, Loca, and maybe Mati. No Salah is benefit, but Perotti is always dangerous even when he was with Genoa..
Instead of Sosa I'd rather play Poli. We absolutely need a destroyer in the midfield.
Doesn't seem like Jack will make i in time for the match. He's still doing individual training with Mati and Bacca.

Suggestions for midfield?
I'd probably go with Poli - Locatelli - Honda with all three being told to sit back. Honda may not be getting much play time lately, but I still rate him higher than Sosa, and he did make a positive impact during the Crotone match when he came on. Poli only because we don't have Kucka and there really are no alternative destroyers in our team.. plus, at his pace, he should be able to match De Rossi for speed Tongue

I'm afraid if we played Pasilic and/or Sosa, we'll be overrun so bad it won't even be funny. As bad as they are, Honda and Poli are experienced enough not to do anything too stupid.
We got the young 'un's. We take out big gunz  Devilcool
Without Jack, we are so screwed. Sad
Oh right, I forgot we also have Bertolacci back from injury.... anyone want to risk having him on the pitch?
We got the young 'un's. We take out big gunz  Devilcool