Paolo Maldini (3) thread
Luis Figo did play for the city of Milano, except in the wrong color. Icon_lol2
A new interview with Maldini today:

It's mostly about his relationship with his dad growing up (first interview since Cesare passed away), but at the end he does mention he's still waiting to return to Milan if the club need him.

Still, a very good interview, I can really relate too as both a son and father myself

edit: sorry it's in Italian, but if I find an English translation I will post it.
Here's the English article for Maldini's interview:

I'm sure his words about accepting who he is were twisted though, maybe I'm wrong.
Maldini has made some comments to Sky:

Basically it says:

- Every club has their own strategy, he thinks Milan and Inter should look at their traditions and history, given they've had great players and great men.

- He says about Berlu selling it would be strange after 30 years to think of a Milan without him, but he thinks it would be an act of love to a team he loves deeply

- he says his love for his family and for Milan is never in question

His comments in the press lately have been milder than in the past, I wonder if there's a reason for it.

Edit: Here it is in English
I mis this legend maldini
after reading the article somedevil posted recently regarding Baresi, there was another about Maldini
Some new comments from Maldini:

Nothing earth shattering or even anything that we don't know, but true as always nonetheless.
Those seem like the same comments he made a while ago.

In any case, I'm not sure what prompted these comments again. I want Maldini back in Milan more than anything....but he is not doing himself any favors by speaking now. The club is sold, the people he is talking about are 99% leaving in a month.....just stay quiet and handle the business as it comes.

Having said that, in a way, this is why I love Maldini (apart from everything he did for the club colors obviously).....he speaks his mind and says it how it is. If he comes back to Milan, we'll know he'll do an honest job for the good of Milan. He may not have the experience in management as much as some others that are being mentioned....but he's got experience on the field more than anyone else, he certainly has just as many contacts and any door he knocks on will be opened.....and most importantly he loves Milan, and we certainly won't see any shady deals to please friends that aren't necessarily done for the good of the club.
If those comments are new after the preliminary agreement then he is asking not to be hired, speaking his mind is fine and I like it too but saying stuff like this in a transition period makes no sense

Quote:“That's not what I said. With all due respect for those who are in Milan today, I have a very different idea of football.
“But they're the ones who are inside the club, and they can manage it whichever way they think is best.”
I assume he was asked, but yeah no specific times on when the comments were made. I personally think he doesn't really care if he's in the club or not anymore, or at least he's only prepared to work if listened to, he says what he thinks regardless.

Most of the comments I read as a dig at the existing ownership, namely Silvio and Galliani (he even names Silvio), not so much the new ownership.