Matchday 23: Milan - Sampdoria (Sunday, February 5 - 12:30 CET)
How was that a foul for Muriel? I am confused.
I think we've put in a decent performance so far. Aside from the one save Donnarumma had to make, Sampdoria have struggled with our side today. We should be a goal ahead given the chances we've created, but we're lacking the incisive finish.

On individuals, I think Bertolacci had a good half, while Pasalic showed good movement tactically, but was less impressive on the ball. I think Suso and Deulofeu are enjoying their isolation against the fullbacks, both have had opportunities to run at them and I don't see that changing. That said, Deulofeu's been hit and miss, he's shown better quality on the ball in the past and I expect more. Bacca's been less impressive, his movement isn't in tandem with the rest of the team. Sosa imo is average at best, not impressed with him.

Montella's done well tactically today, so I'm keen to see if we can push on and win this game.

Edit: Also fuck the Donnarumma haters, he's been super when called on today
Dear god, Deulofeu off hte post. Great work by Kucko to keep that initial bad pass in play.
Deulofeu so close!
He should have really hit that first time though..
Siamo a posto cosi.
Pasalic getting in all the right positions, but on the ball he's been terrible
I think Suso needs to take more shots, he's getting the opportunity to cut in, shoot every so often
Pasalic just wide! We're doing well, but we need the goal
OMG take Sosa out, he's atrocious.
Sosa with the worst attempt of the match, although his initial pass to Deulofeu was great