Matchday 18: Bologna vs. Milan (Wednesday, February 8, 2017 20:45 CET)
Seeing that Mystik has been banned Sagrin  for his atrocious record recently opening match threads, and that no one else is courageous enough, I think I will give it a try. 

We are going to face Bologna on Wednesday who just got slaughtered 1-7 by Napoli. This is truly a must-win game. Can we do it? 

News, called up players, etc to follow.  Sagrin
Thanks Xu! Maybe you'll bring us luck!

We have all come down since this weekend I think. It's time for another go at the much needed win.

Even though I tore up the team after the Samp game, I will say that I agree with those that said we are actually playing well, but just can't finish moves. I hope that our performance remains strong in the first 2 thirds as it has been...and that we finally catch a break in the final third and score some goals. We also need a little bit of luck to be honest.

In terms of the line up, I really hope that we go the false 9 route. Bacca and Lapadula are misfiring, and while Lapadula is at least getting opportunities, he has been dreadful at finishing them. Bacca on the other hand isn't even getting opportunities, and the blame this time is on him. Where in the past we could have said that he lacks service, now there is plenty of that to go around...but he always seems to be a step and a second late, or just not there at all.

I think we should try Deulofeu as the CF with Suso and Ocampos up there with him. Generally it will be Deulofeu central with Suso right and Ocampos left, but the later two tucking in and exploiting the channels created by the movement of Deulofeu.

This would be similar to for example what Napoli is doing with Insigne-Mertens-Calejon, or what Liverpool is doing with Coutinho-Firmino-Mane. The Liverpool example is more of what I am talking about as those front 3 are a lot more fluid while the Napoli ones generally stay more restricted to their side. But either way, that's the style I am talking about. I love the idea of having a fluid and interchangable front 3 that is technical enough to play between the lines, but also possesses plenty of pace to exploit the channels and make runs behind the defence.

In the midfield, I really want to see Mati as a LCM. Locatelli in front of the back line and than one of Berto/Kucka/Pasalic on the right.
Deloufeu has been extremely unlucky in front of goal, though not for the lack of trying. Lapadula definitely needs more minutes to make an impact.

Given our lack of fullbacks currently, can we not switch it up to have 3 at the back and pack the midfield? A 3-4-3 may actually work for us right now.
We got the young 'un's. We take out big gunz  Devilcool
Another must win game!
This one I'm confident we'll win. The only way we don't is if we go in with the same attitude as we saw vs Udinese. I want to see us aggressive and doing what we can to score early.
(02-07-2017, 02:45 PM)ACMILAN1983 Wrote: This one I'm confident we'll win. The only way we don't is if we go in with the same attitude as we saw vs Udinese. I want to see us aggressive and doing what we can to score early.

We scored early against Udinese. Just saying. Wink
I think we will dominate again and create opportunities. Hopefully we'll have better realization and more luck. I can see us score 3,4 goals with a bit more cutting edge in the attacking third. Honesty, even against Sampdoria we could have scored 4-0, and really should have scored at least 2 (Deulofeu post and Lapadula 1v1 with keeper).

The only worry I have is that there is probably a 90% chance of us conceding. It seems to happen in every game we play! I just hope that we are hopefully up a couple goals before that possibly happens.
It's Vangioni. Some miracle must happen...

Bologna: Da Costa; Krafth, Gastaldello, Maietta, Mbaye; Nagy, Pulgar, Dzemaili; Verdi, Destro, Krejci
Bologna bench: To follow

Milan: Donnarumma; Abate, Paletta, Romagnoli, Vangioni; Kucka, Locatelli, Pasalic; Suso, Bacca, Deulofeu
Milan bench: Plizzari, Storari, Gomez, Zapata, Bertolacci, Honda, Mati Fernandez, Poli, Cutrone, Lapadula, Ocampos
Avaiting for arrival of exorcist into our boardroom.
Will he stay in list of top 10 worst Galliani signings? Stay tuned!

Big Grin
Should be 1-0, massive misses by Deulofeu and Pasalic