Matchday 18: Bologna vs. Milan (Wednesday, February 8, 2017 20:45 CET)
I just realized that Paletta's red card this game and Paletta conceding a penalty against Sampdoria was because he was exposed by Zapata, who tried to win the ball high up the pitch but failed.

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(02-08-2017, 10:46 PM)ACMILAN1983 Wrote: Not really, scoring the winning goal is great, but it doesn't excuse an otherwise terrible performance.

The 3 points were huge, we were desperate for a win and Montella's reaction at the final whistle showed how desperately we needed the win. That said, I'm still furious at the performance, totally unacceptable on all levels, tactically, technically, discipline and concentration, everything was lacking.

Only players deserving credit tonight are Donnarumma who saved us a number of times and Deulofeu who was by a mile our most dangerous player.

Not even remotely happy tonight, just relieved that at least we ended the losing streak.
I Heart ACM !!
Sell Donnamanure!!
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Can't believe we got the 3 points in this one. So happy about it right now!!

I agree with people that Pasalic was terrible. He has been terrible for quite some time now. Offers very little throughout the game and fails in the decisive moments too. Today, he missed a great chance in the first half when he hit it over the bar, he messed up 3 counter attacks in the 2nd half when down to 9 men (this makes it even worse as you really have to make them count in that situation because of the energy that is expanded in making those runs), and missed a very good chance too by shooting straight at the keeper from the left side. The fact that he made a run and slotted the ball into an empty goal doesn't excuse the fact that he has simply been poor.

Suso is also in a little bit of a slump. Hopefully he works out of it.

Paletta (and Zapata already too, even though he's only played 2 games) has cost us a lot of points this season. His red cards and penalties are a big problem. I know a lot of people have been praising Paletta, and I'm not disagreeing that he's had some very good games. But it means nothing when he has some shocking moments that cost us points. Almost in every game he has a "what the fuck" moment!