La Liga 2011-2012
Barcelona opened their La Liga Title defense with a win over Villareal 5-0!

Of course Messi had 2 goals, Fabregas scored, as well as Thiago & Sanchez.

Also, Apparently Cristian Zapata was a big-time Fail tonight, he was voted Flop of the Match on multiple websites.

This was the lineup of Barcelona tonight. It's amazing but they're not even using defenders anymore. It's insane:


I'm speechless. Barcelona doesn't even use Defenders anymore. They are so dangerous they're beating good teams like Villareal 5-0.

Abidal was the only defender in the sense of the word but he was almost camped in the Villreal half. It was amazing. Total domination and arrogance in a way to play with that lineup.
That Villareal side was really terrible as well, Barca just did their thing. Don't forget they struggled against Odense BK in the Champions League qualifiers. Real look much more impressive this year, nice play and very clinical in front of goal.

Anyway, another boring season of Barca/Real domination is ahead of us.
"We are a team of devils. Our colours are red as fire, and black, to invoke fear in our opponents!"
Herbert Kilpin

Nella gioia e nell' dolore, per il Milan eterno amore!
I dont think it is fair to blame Zapata as the flop of the match, since he is playing against Barca, it is not like Zapata made mistakes after mistakes after mistakes like Kala or Bonera. I mean, if Barca trashes Milan 5-0 with that lineup and Silva and Nesta get beat time and time again, do you think it is fair to call them flops. I think the flop of the match should be a striker or midfielder for not doing anything offensively against ONE pure defender.
Watch the game again, b/c it makes me wonder how Tassotti, Billy, Baresi, Cap with Frank and Carlo in midfield can defend them. Their movement, speed, ability to hold onto the ball, passing and finishing are all fantasy football. Heck, I don't even I can play the way they do on Winning Eleven.
Getafe 1 - 0 Barcelona FT

No comment Big Grin
wow, I decided not to watch the game after I saw the HT scoreline 0-0. Probably should've. Big Grin

Real Madrid is now leading by 6 points right? Interesting. I can't really say which team I support. Big Grin
aka xudong
(11-26-2011, 11:51 PM)reza Wrote: Getafe 1 - 0 Barcelona FT

No comment Big Grin

That's what you get after being physically exhausted due to the Milan match. Devilol I guess it wasn't a friendly afterall? Devilol

Go Real! You won't get a second chance like this. Time to dethrone these divers. Big Grin
"Defending is part of football... Keep possession 95% if u want... but the score is 2-2... thats it!! Well done milan.. Make serie a proud once again.. Big Grin"
Since I have never really supported either and I like Bielsa I say Athletic. Also Malaga for Pellegrini.
I don't mind Valencia (they have kicked out Inter Merda in the CL too Big Grin). Soldado is a heck of player. Okmilan They were robbed when they played Real Madrid (was it last weekend?).

Go Valencia! Big Grin
aka xudong
Good Game. I liked Coentrao and Ramos.. Class Defenders...

Unfortunately, Ronaldo had a horrific game and missed a sitter. Instead of 2-2, nearly 30 seconds later Fabregas scored to make it 1-3 and the Game was done and dusted