Summer transfer window 2017
Discuss the possible transfers for what could be one of the most important windows in team history.
Is it true that Lucas Lima's contract ends this summer? That's a no brainer....the guy has talent!
Am I the only one that thinks Pepe would be a good signing. He's out of contract end of season. Although I think there's probably be more lucrative, or more attractive options for him.
He would be a great signing, offload Zapata and bring him in. Then get rid of Gomez & Ely and bring in another young talent like Romagnoli. That would be my ideal defensive market, with a fullback as well.

I would take Lucas Lima on a free if his contract is actually expiring, he'd be one hell of a free agent, but I bet he'll ask for some hefty wages.
Im taking a break from forums at least.Theres way waaaaay too much delusion and arrogance as to what AC Milan actually are going around.The Chinese havent even bought the club yet andnwe have no idea if they do what theyll spend and already fans are thinking only Real or Barca can sign players above a Chinese Milan (thats not just directed at you nefremo)
Its naive to think Milan are still regarded as a top club and a place that any player would love to play.You only have to look at the sheer amount of rejection this club has had recently even when offering the same money as other clubs.Milan have been a team in rapid decline for a decade and a bonified nothing team for 6 years and it will take more than "hey we MAY have money now" to change that.We'll see on March 3rd if this deal is even done.
It's all good Jay. I'm not offended. You have your opinion and people have theirs. I have no problem saying I'm wrong, and come this summer, if we are rejected from a player because of ANY other Spanish team apart from Barca and Real, I will gladly come here and say I was completely wrong. No problem there.

You don't have to leave the forum for a while because of it though...Big Grin
Pepe, while a good player, is basically a ticking time bomb. Every so often he just goes mental and tries to cut someone in half. If we're aiming to buy players not just on their talent but also their personality and character, I'd stay as far away from him as possible.
Siamo a posto cosi.
I don't want Pepe here either. I have never been a fan. As Mystik says, he is a ticking time bomb, and will do more damage than good for our team.
Yeah, pretty much in agreement with the guys above, don't really like Pepe. I hear he's a nice guy off the field, but his antics on it are terrible.
I was just thinking along the lines of an experienced defender we can get for free. I agree he regularly has brain farts but that's no different to pretty much our entire defence minus Roma, except they're not of his quality.
I'm sitting somewhere in the middle in terms of who we can sign... I think people underestimate the power of money... Oscar, Witsel, Jackson, Lavezzi, Ramires. All guys that could easily walk into our team that didn't go to China for the prestige...
While I do think though that some players would be untouchable for us... eg. Aguero. I believe there are players, eg. Verratti, that when showed that we are once again going to be a powerhouse and we sell it to them that they will be the future of the club, they can be talked into coming.