Summer transfer window 2017
That's a good statement imo. Hits all points.

Completely destroys Raiola. Takes a shot at Galliani and the previous management. And finally, makes a stern statement against Donnarumma.
It is a well written post from the ultras with a clear message. I also appreciate that in all this, they don't actually attack Donnarumma. I don't agree with how he's handled this and think responsibility also lies with him and those around him, but I am generally in favour of giving chances and extending olive branches to make peace if possible. Hopefully the message is clear, and hopefully he understands that if this continues, the message will change and he will be the one attacked.

As for Raiola, it's rare I wish ill on anyone, but I have no sympathy for anything negative that happens to him. His actions alone just make him him a deplorable human being.
Strong statement, very well written
Posted the same in the Donnarumma player thread.

Agree with everything.

No player is bigger than the club.

Raiola deserves all the criticism he gets, and more.
(06-05-2017, 04:12 PM)AC_Troy Wrote: I want players who want to play for Milan. Therefore, bring on Belotti

That's what Fassone and Mirabelli think as well, according to They don't want players who aren't 100% convinced about the new project, which is why they've cooled their interest in Morata and might go for Aubameyang or Belotti instead.
Personally I'd love it if we went for Belotti. He might not be a big name outside of Italy yet, which I guess is why he isn't our first option (marketing), but he'd definitely be a great investment.
Quote:Besides Ricardo Rodriguez, Fassone was in Germany today to make a new attempt for Aubameyang [@AlfredoPedulla].

Doing work
Quote:Milan will meet with Torino president Urbano Cairo in the coming hours to discuss Belotti [Di Marzio].

Let's see what Cairo says in person
Quote:Real Madrid is the most interested club in Donnarumma, says Di Marzio.

Di Marzio adds that if Milan agrees to insert a release clause in Donnarumma's contract it would be worth at least €100m.

Well then
Would you guys accept a Real Madrid offer of:
1. James + Modric
2. James + Kovacic
3. James + 50mil
4. Modric + Kovacic
5. Modric + 50mil
6. Kovacic + 70mil
Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

Basing this on Modric and James being valued at 50mil, and Kovacic being valued at 30mil. (Don't start with the valuations please Big Grin , if you don't like them than make your own....but have fun with it and say if you would choose one of those options...or something close to that).

At this point, I'm so annoyed with Raiola and Donnarumma, that I would definitely take Modric + 50.....or even Modric + Kovacic. Kovacic + 70 is also an option that wouod be good in the circumstamces. The other options don't really interest me. Big Grin
Ronaldo asks for new challenge Tongue will you do it? lol