Summer transfer window 2017
Quote:Donato Di Campli is in Casa Milan to discuss Pescara talent Coulibaly with Mirabelli. They could also discuss other youngsters [@DiMarzio].

Any good?
Mamadou Coulibaly - 18 years old - Pescara - CM - Milan supporter - played against us

According to Whoscored
Strength: no
Weakness: Aerial Duels, Passing, Discipline, Tackling, Concentration
Regardless of who we are interested in, our movements in the market are probably giving other Italian clubs heart attacks, lol. Seeing all these top agents lining up meetings with us, I'll bet even the press are having a grand old time reporting mere rumors of who we're going after and who we're buying next.

Seriously feels like we're bringing up the entire Serie A just by ourselves. I don't see Juve, Roma or Napoli making any sound in the mercato so far.
We got the young 'un's. We take out big gunz  Devilcool

Last year we were 10th at attack and 5th at defense. I'm thinking about how much we will improve next season Big Grin
I had a feeling the meeting was about Coulibaly, there were rumours the other week and I had a very quick browse of names he represents when I saw the announcement earlier. Can't say I know much or anything about Coulibaly, just he's highly rated.

(06-12-2017, 02:16 PM)Milanista_91 Wrote: Thanks mate  Blush ,,,

& I realize what ur trying to say about him being hesitant to leave the country because of his lifestyle and all ,, but he did claim times and times that he wishes to play in Europe ,, the biggest obstacle is actually his club which spoils him with all the luxuries things just for him to stay ,,, but I do remember that his club mentioned that they will not prevent him from Europe if a decent offer would arrive ,, they would like him to prosper in Europe as much as we'd like to see him in this new Milan ,,, 

just imagine him behind silva or costa or any top notch striker ,, side by side with bonadinho and suso ,, along with all our so far signings and yet to to come signings ,, holy crap ,, I dare to say that we will seriously compete juve for the championship next year ,,, 

all i hope is that the management would at least try for the guy ,, thats it ,,  Okmilan

Well, I'd be interested for sure, my understanding was he didn't want to leave based on an article on espn back in December, but maybe things have changed.

If I'm honest, I think he should go to a mid-tier club for a year first where he wouldn't have too much pressure on him. It would give him time to get used to European football and grow with possibly looking to secure a more high profile move in a year. By mid-tier I mean clubs like Schalke or Monchengladbach in Germany. I doubt it will happen, as a lot of top teams are interested.
So I guess all we're missing is the picture of him signing....

And even our favorite new agent is praising our new management

Looks like a done deal to me. Big Grin

Edit: Oh snap, I spoke too soon. He HAS signed!
We got the young 'un's. We take out big gunz  Devilcool
Opened a player thread already Sagrin
(06-12-2017, 01:41 PM)Milanista_91 Wrote: Hi everyone,,

Just registered today after coming back & fortg up in this forum with some unbelievable news update that i still cant believe ,,, we fans waited patiently for about 6 years for a decent mercato & there u go ,, what a way to kick thing fassobilly ,,

Anyway,, another reason I registered was to mention a player that am sure will create miracles in our midfield,, the guy's name is Omar Abdulrahman ,, playing in U.A.E , and only reason he still hasnt landed in Europe is that apparently his team is paying him enough to stay ,, will am sure with some persuasion from our managment ,, we can get this guy for less than 25 million € ,,,, he is worth over 60 mil. With todays rates ,, i dare to say he's even better than james rodriguez ,,

Heres a link to some of his magic ,, and trust me ,, this aint but a drop of water on what this guy can actually do ,, plllz someone recommend our management to him ,,

Enjoy ?

(06-12-2017, 01:55 PM)reza Wrote: Welcome to MM. Omar Abdulrahman is a name that has long been mentioned when reading about Asian football. Every article I have read about him asks why he isn't in Europe already. I guess the money issue you say is true.

(06-12-2017, 01:59 PM)ACMILAN1983 Wrote: Welcome and I hope you enjoy it here. Smile

On Omar Abdulrahman, I'm a big fan of the guy, seen him a few times and it's obvious to see his talent. I mentioned him a couple of years ago on the forum too and apparently he's got the interest of a lot of major clubs in Europe.

However, from what I understand, he's always been extremely hesitant to leave the UAE. He's got it great there, a comfortable lifestyle and the money he earns is huge.

I'd love to see him in Europe and would be curious how he'd do at Milan, but for the moment, I just don't think it looks likely.

(06-12-2017, 02:33 PM)Aficio Wrote: Welcome, Milanista_91!  Okmilan

According to Transfermarkt, Omar Abdulrahman's contract exprires on February 2nd, 2018. So maybe we can do some "Galliani" Big Grin

Welcome Milanista 91!

I've followed Omar Abdulrahman (we call him Amoory in the GCC, it's a nickname for Omar) for a long long time. I am a BIG fan and I'm a very harsh critic on players, especially ones from where I'm from. I must say, he's the best player the region has produced in a while. He does everything right. So smart tactically, works so hard for the team.

However he's never linked with anyone outside. There's a reason too. Omar actually is not an Emerati despite playing for the UAE national team. He actually is a Yemeni and was born and raised there but due to the tough situation there, he seeked a way out. Then came Al Ain and their owners (royalty) and picked him up and gave him a new home, new passport, new everything. They brought his whole family too and he has a younger brother who also is very very good but not as good as he is IMO. 

He owes these people everything in life and they're quite powerful people and apparently have a leash on him. They'd prefer him to stay as long as they can but we don't know if they'll ever allow him to leave his club. The issue isn't a financial one, it's more than that for him.

I don't see any chance of us signing him unfortunately though. We just got Kessie who's a similar kind of player but Omar does a lot more in the offensive phase than Kessie, and covers all the defensive phases too. Overall quite an exceptional player and the attitude/mentality is great too.
Quote:According to Marca, Milan are close to signing Borja Valero from Fiorentina for €10m.

This would be a great bargain