Summer transfer window 2017
(06-21-2017, 01:07 AM)reza Wrote: If his value is 100m someone will pay it sooner or later, if his value is 50 no one will pay the release clause. The release clause itself is not helping the team imo

But the higher release fee keeps the player there longer... If his value is 50, people will still come knocking they'll just offer less.
It's a tactic used by Portuguese clubs often... young players with high min release fee's so there's a higher starting point and they then negotiate down to a fair figure but it means the player leaves on the clubs terms not when the first club comes along...
So we actually offered 13M for Biglia and not the 20M that Lazio were asking for. To be honest, with him in a similar situation as Dollarumma, I applaud management for not offering higher. A player on the last year of his contract really shouldn't be costing as much as that, specially not someone nearer to the end of his career.

As for release clauses, I would say the higher the better, because as we all know Juventus will do everything in their power to trigger these things (or have you already forgotten Higuain and Pjanic so soon?), and if they don't believe Dolla is worth the 100M they can go find someone else next year to be Buffon's heir. I sure as heck ain't open to making our direct rivals any more powerful, at least not unless they're willing to pay an arm and a leg for it.
We got the young 'un's. We take out big gunz  Devilcool
Pjanic went for significantly less then what I think he should of. Release clause was too low.

And there are rumours appearing that Gigio is reconsidering signing a new deal...
(06-21-2017, 06:43 AM)Ryo Wrote: So we actually offered 13M for Biglia and not the 20M that Lazio were asking for.

31 year old in his last year of contract should not cost more tha 7-8 million Euros.

20 million is pure nonsense. Just not worth it.
One more quality midfielder, and Belotti, and that should be just enough. CL place should be there, for more, there is next transfer window.
Donnarumma is considering renegotiating, probably realized that he made worst decision of his career.
I only hope that Fassone will ask him to sack Raiola, if he wants to extend contract.

I don't ubderstand why he wants to "negotiate" again. He should either accept our offer or not. There is nothing to be negotiated anymore. If he accepts, he should than at the very least come out and explain himself and tell the truth...even if the truth is that he wants to leave. At least than people will tolerate him. Ideally of course, he should fire Raiola.
I wouldn't worry too much about it at this point. Maybe "negotiation" is used in a very neutral sense, as in "sitting together by a table and talking about it". You don't just sign a contract on a street. Icon_lol2

I am getting more and more impressed with this new management. Very clear, concise and transparent way of giving information. Galliani would've just said "We'll see" or some other cryptic remark.
apparently we're negotiating with Konoplyanka?
Yeah, I read he might be linked according to the Spanish press. Not that keen on him myself, though he could be useful in the squad.

A bit of mixed talk on Pietro Pellegri of Genoa. Some reports say we're interested in getting him now and loaning him back to Genoa for a couple of years. Others say he's rejected us and Man City to stay at Genoa. For those who don't know, he's a really talented young (16 I think) forward that's considered a potential star in the making. He's already played and scored for the Genoa senior side. We've also been linked to him over the last year or two.
(06-21-2017, 01:50 PM)xudong Wrote:  You don't just sign a contract on a street. Icon_lol2

TrueBig Grin