Summer transfer window 2017
We've brought in 8 of our targets so far. And in case everyone else has misconceptions, Bonucci was not planned, it was an unexpected, but perfectly welcome opportunity which everything aligned perfectly for us to get him (The fallout, his wife not wanting to leave Italy, us being the only team he would talk to that had money to buy him out, etc.).

And from what I see we've still got to focus on at least one or two more "Marquee" signings that were promised by our president earlier on. One striker and one midfielder if memory serves me right.....

After 7 years of pure crap, we finally have a mercato for the ages. Feels so damn good.
We got the young 'un's. We take out big gunz  Devilcool
Biglia & Bonucci are done. Which striker will be our last signing?
I saw a post saying.....Milan will focus on the marquee signing in the next 3 days. And it's not Bonucci. As you said, that was an opportunity. The marquee will be one of Auba/Belotti.
(07-13-2017, 09:58 PM)AC_Troy Wrote: Biglia & Bonucci are done.  Which striker will be our last signing?

Well hell, why not just sign Ronaldo and get this over with .... lol. What a summer. Talk about new management making a splash and a statement...we aren't just the talk of the town, we are the talk of all football right now!
(07-13-2017, 07:57 PM)nefremo Wrote: Btw, these deals are happening with Football Manager type of speed. Click "submit offer". Click "continue". Click "offer contract". Click "confirm signing". Big Grin

Indeed right? This isn't new to Fassone as I remember two years ago they signed 9 starters for Inter (summer Galliani lost Kondogbia to Fassone).

I see ppl worrying about us signing too many players.. I'm not that concerned about it. Yes it'll take time to gel and know each other, but our team is 5x stronger than it was in the last 10 years and we're not even done yet with the mercato. We really have upgraded the team.

It's cute how Juventinos thought they're replacing Buffon with Donnarumma earlier in the market. We replaced Ely with Bonucci. How times have changed.  Sagrin

Meanwhile, Bonucci is expected to arrive in Milano any minute now and Biglia will be officially a Milan player tomorrow as well. Tomorrow the team departs to China.  Okmilan
It's funny how the wheel has turned in such a short period of time since takeover (or maybe we're just a super patient people here Big Grin )
We used to wait for someone gets unhappy, then we'd try to hijack them, sometimes even need help from the player itself to pay some of the transfer fee (like rami, this one's kinda sad)
What's worse, there were a lot of good "unhappy" players which we couldnt afford
The one we could afford... is some kind of a player called tarabt who said that Milan is a stepping stone

And now, here we are, all that patience pays off
I'm honestly happy lurking on couple of other team's forum / discussions, and seeing a lot of them really upset
Plus with the pogba scandal, i really hope after summer windows closed, they'll get transfer ban for 3 years and 10 home games behind closed doors because of this  Devilol
Wow I can't believe Bonucci is actually reality. We were just talking about needing a couple superstars, well this is definitely one.

We're becoming Bayern buying all of Italian teams best players Big Grin
We took Lazio's best player, Juve's best defender keeping in mind their defense is what won them 99% of their games, & we're trying to take Kalinic, who I think is probably Fio's best player.

Looks like if Aubameyang cannot be closed in the next week or two we'll go for Belotti because Cairo has opened up to taking a few players in exchange. One player will be Niang & fee is said to be around 15mln euros but Cairo still wants minimum 70mln euros apparently. It's a lot of money, but if we're selling off deadwood to discount it's not as bad because they're also taking their wages w them.

If Aubameyang costs us 60-70 and Belotti ends up being a similar price - it's still actually much more economical. Aubameyang will cost 8-10m euros/season in wages. Belotti probably more like 3mln euros. After 3-4 years that's 20mln euros saved before tax, could be another young midfielder Big Grin lol I'm sounding like Galliani & Berlu, almost forgot we have the Chinese bank behind us Big Grin
Daaaamn! We signed Bonucci and Biglia in the same day. I can't believe it.

And I don't know if anyone else saw this earlier today, but apparently the Bonucci deal has been in the works for some time now. Premium Sport said earlier tonight that his transfer to Milan was one of the factors that made Donnarumma sign the new contract.

I don't know if that's true, but given the way we're operating on the market it is clear that Fassone and Mirabelli have been working on some of these deals for a while.
Rumors have the purchase of Bonucci at 35m. If true, teams met in the middle on valuation. To me that's a stunning number considering what other fools are paying in the market. And this is without DMS included in that sale? If DMS is sold for only 10m, we are essentially saying Milan management negotiated a 25m transfer fee + DMS for what is considered to be one of the, if not THE, best central defender in the world??? Somebody should get a bonus for that Jedi Mind Trick.
What's the word for madness but good madness? Big Grin