Summer transfer window 2017
If everything was going well and this was happening then I would feel more annoyed. But in this scenario I think he's justified to at least consider it given it's a fresh chance for him. Thing is, even Maldini considered the opportunity to leave back when he was the established club captain.

It wasn't Juve, but you're talking about a player who had a much bigger attachment to the club by that point than DES today. Plus, Maldini was THE club captain, not like DES who is third choice stand in.

I think he is underrated heavily. In the modern game there isn't a single defender that doesn't make poor errors every so often. Even the Juve defenders make some disastrous mistakes. The difference is there's enough quality and organisation there to help cover the mistakes. That doesn't exist in Milan, we have Zapata who is even more mistake prone.

The issue compounds when looking at fullbacks, as today most are attackers first and defenders second. Actually, most are mediocre defenders to put it mildly, even the most highly rated ones. DES is mediocre going forward, but defensively he's one of the best wide players available.

I don't agree he's mediocre on the ball, I actually consider him technically good and reliable. As above though, I think he is mediocre in the attacking third.

While he's not booed much in the stadium, I don't think his treatment is fair. There's no way he won't be aware of the amount of criticism in his direction from Milan fans and while this forum is balanced, other places are full of hate. The incident today is just indefensible, as there's no concrete evidence to say the rumours are true.

Then there's stuff like the Inter goal mentioned. Yes he made a mistake, but so did at least 3 others. Part of it also comes down to a lack of a strong leader at the back to help the younger players.

Again, he's never going to be a new Maldini or Baresi, but he is a very good player. That's why coaches hold him in high regard. That's why he's a starter for Italy and why Juve, Barca and Bayern have shown a desire to get him.

At 24, yes he needs to take on more responsibility (Tassotti said as much), but let's not forget 24 isn't that old and that level of ownership needs confidence. Something that years of injury problems and personal problems will have impacted. Never mind the state of the club.

I'm sure we will have to agree to disagree on DES, but I really think it takes two to tango and if he does go, the responsibility isn't just on him.
I'm sitting in between you two. While I agree with nefremo, it's not ok for our captain to consider leaving to a rival team. For me that's 100% not on.
I agree with ACMILAN1983 that he's been harshly criticised as well as us fans expecting way too much from him. He's put up with a lot of crap over the years and expected to help carry our defence.
At 24 sure, it might look like it's over for him. Like he's destined to be an average player. Let's not forget Abate finally came good at 25/26, Aubamayang at 24, there are many examples around the world of players who have struggled along and with the right change or the right coach have pushed into a top player... (even though Abate has now gone backwards) Not sure we should be giving up on him just yet. But in saying that, if he's choosing to go to Juventus then screw him... ACMILAN1983 is spot on about that one... Either 50mill or take him for free after he's been sitting on the sidelines for 12 months
(04-21-2017, 05:30 PM)nefremo Wrote: Anyhow, to summarize some of the names that we have been linked with the last few days:

Aubameyang - YES although not sure hes the best choise
Morata -YES although same thing. not best choice
Dzeko (just saw this today) -No thanks
Kalinic - No thanks
Lacazette - Yes - of striker mentioned my preferred although I'd still have Melotti as first choice.
Lemar - YEs although I think our time has passed. Monaco will force someone to pay like 80 for him.
Keita Balde - Yes please!

Musacchio - For the price definitely
Kolasinac - 100% must buy!
Mendy - Yes although same as Lemar, probably be expensive
De Vrij - yes please although I feel Lazio will be pricks and want like 35 for him in which case they can keep him.

Kovacic - YES! so muchh YES! 
Fabregas - Yes, definitely need a good experienced midfielder
Pellegrini - Meh, happy enough if we get him for the right price but far from my top choices.
Badelj - YEs but still far from my top choices.
Vidal - Yes although i feel like he'll cost too much and would rather get Fabregas and Tielemans for the amount it would probably cost to get Vidal. I'd leave the bigger names for the following season.
My two cents on De Sciglio: I felt that when he broke out, he was not only solid defensively but was also confident on the ball. Now, I have no clue what happened to him. The defensive side of the game is okay but he does basically nothing in attack. Doesn't try to beat his man anymore and hardly gets dangerous crosses in the box. That's a pity because when you watch him receive and play the ball, you can tell that he has very good technique.

With regards to the "principle" of him leaving for Juventus, I'm a bit torn on this issue. On one hand, I would like to believe in loyalty to your club, etc etc. However, on the other hand, this is a person's profession and livelihood and they have a very short window to get it right. Additionally, clubs have no problem casting players aside when it suits them. As long as we get adequately compensated for his transfer, I won't lose any sleep. Players come and go all the time.

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Keita hasnt signed new contract, Mirabelli better quickly try to get him.
Keita is certainly an interesting prospect on the field. Does it worth his off field behaviour, I'm not sure.
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Whatever Smile After such a disappointing loss and been witnessing poor midfield on yearly basis, Im so looking forward to hearing our new owner/mgt come out and say ' OK we ve reached agreement. Isco* will join us this summer' ( * feel free to enter player you desire )
Guys, to be clear, I don't want us to just get rid of De Sciglio. What I really want is for us to sign a great LB and move De Sciglio to the right side where he can fight for a starting spot with Abate/Calabria.

Dev, I agree that it takes two to tango like you said. However, if he demands that he goes to Juventus than it's all on him. It's not like the club is forcing him out. He makes good money, he is the starting fullback, he is getting offered a new contract. If you are already at Milan, you've been brought up from the youth system, you are a starter and highly regarded by the coaching staff, make good money.....and you demand to go to Juventus...I will have no respect for you. That's just the way I look at it.

About Maldini considering other's a completely different situation, mainly because it wasn't Juventus. Imo, the 2 situations are not comparable. I wouldn't even be talking about this had the rumors of De Sciglio been about United or Chelsea or anyone else that's not Juventus or Inter. Also, it's completely different to "consider" an offer and give it some thought because Alex Ferguson called you or that your buddy Vialli called you than to go to the club and say I want Juventus and I am not signing this contract extention. I don't have a problem with him considering. We are all human and we all consider all types of things. Ultimately, it's our actions that define us though. And if his actions are to go to the club and tell them "I'm not signing, I'm going to Juventus", than by Milan fans he will be defined in a bad light.

For me, any player that's at Milan, yet desires to play for dead to me! BUT, we don't know if this is true. So I will reserve my judgement on De Sciglio until we know more. I agree that the fans shouldn't stop his car after rumors. It's stupid and childish if you ask me.

In terms of De Sciglio's quality, as you said...we'll just have to agree to disagree even though I don't think our opinions are that far away from each other. I don't think De Sciglio is terrible when defending...I think he is decent, but not spectacular. I guess my thing is....if you are going to be a modern fullback and be terrible in the attacking third, than you sure as hell better be flawless when defending. Imo, he is not. He is average.

Either way, again, if the rumors to Juventus are not true....I am more than happy to keep him as the club's primary RB. As you said, and I agree with you completely on this, if we sure up the line up with some great players, I think De Sciglio will also become better and will be more than good enough to be the RB for Milan.

Also, I am not hanging De Sciglio just yet. All these rumors might be false. For the time being, I will believe in what he said a week ago...which was "I want to follow the footsteps of the Milan legends and make history". Let's ses if he meant it and signs the extention.
(04-24-2017, 07:47 AM)edysim Wrote: Whatever Smile After such a disappointing loss and been witnessing poor midfield on yearly basis, Im so looking forward to hearing our new owner/mgt come out and say ' OK we ve reached agreement. Isco* will join us this summer' ( * feel free to enter player you desire )

We need three *s. It doesn't exist one single player that can fix our midfield no matter how much money we can offer.
Posted this on the player's thread earlier.

(04-24-2017, 06:38 AM)Nalx Wrote: When he first emerged, De Sciglio seemed to have mastered balancing the attacking qualities with defensive duties. He was never a high-flying full back with fancy skills. He just, from time to time during the game, picked his run forward perfectly to give the team added option be it with crosses or one-twos, all the while without neglecting his main role as a defender. And he took in his stride when he was called up to Italy national team. A good if unspectacular player with calmness that belied his tender age.

Years later his progression seemed to stuck. Injuries and changing coaches certainly didn't help. But I just don't understand why coaches kept playing De Sciglio on the left flank despite his obvious limited contribution from there. It's like forcing square peg and hoping it to eventually fill a round hole. I know the player himself stated that he didn't mind and that that gave him a chance to cut inside to shoot or cross with his stronger right foot. But it makes him predictable thus limiting his contribution. Sooner or later the fans will nitpick on him because of two reasons: he adds almost nothing in attack and he is lumped together in a defense line that is porous to put it mildly.

One thing that we often didn't take into account is that De Sciglio has had some psychological problem. His mental coach once said that he was one step away from depression. So from the human point of view, I can totally understand why he considers moving to Juventus. Not only will he be surrounded by players like Chiellinis instead of Zapatas and a coach who launched his career, he too will have older players like Buffon who managed to fully realized his potential. Morata, a player a bit like De Sciglio temperament-wise, spoke how Buffon, himself no stranger in depression problem, helped him get over his "mental hang-ups".

Personally, I no longer care about the supposed attachment players emerging from our youth should have. Football world has irrevocably changed a lot since the days of Maldini, for better or worse. If a player is good, keep him. If he kisses the badge, consider it a bonus. I believe De Sciglio can still be a much better player than he has been. That's why selling him to Juventus will be a mistake, strictly for footballing reason. If he doesn't like it here, his only option is to go abroad. Either that or sit out the whole season. Then he's free to do whatever he pleases. Tough luck.

Anyways, the media are just throwing names around. After his hattrick, Keita was again linked with us and more recently James Rodriguez.
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