Summer transfer window 2017
He probably will, but if for whatever reason he stayed, then he'd be the undoubted star for the this season (if Auba leaves)
Quote:Aubameyang still hopes to join Milan but the more time passes the more the deal gets complicated [@DiMarzio]

The reason for that is that in case of a sale, BVB want to find a worthy replacement of Aubameyang which isn't a simple task.

Di Marzio also says that negotiating with BVB for Aubameyang won't be easy, especially after a performance like tonight's.
Let's propose a Bacca+$$ for Aubameyang deal. Big Grin
Coutinho was not included in Liverpool squad for Bilbao, so that could be a hint that Barcelona will sign him.
(08-06-2017, 01:52 AM)xudong Wrote: Let's propose a Bacca+$$ for Aubameyang deal. Big Grin

I like this!  Sagrin

By the way, I don't know if you guys remember........but a couple of weeks ago there was a report about Ibrahimovic being offered to Milan, but that he wasn't a priority for Milan at the time and that Fassone and Mirabelli were going to respond after August 15th. 

I am bringing this up, because it ties in with what Mirabelli said today about "doing something after August 15th". I think if we are getting Aubameyang or someone else of that stature, it will be done by mid-August. If not, I think we will sign Ibrahimovic and that'll be it. Of course, you can't exclude the possibility of signing both, but reading those comments I think it's either one or the other. 

I guess we have a couple of weeks of waiting....
(08-05-2017, 10:24 PM)AC_Troy Wrote: I'd be shocked if Dembele doesn't go to Barca

I guess Dortmund would accept an offer in the range of 100 million
Milan's primary objective now is to get Bacca sold as soon as possible so that they can add to their funds for the mercato. [Gazzetta_it]

[Image: DGhwOVCVoAAOF_j.jpg]
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Too late for Aubameyang?

"Aubameyang: 'Staying in Dortmund'"
Hmm, this striker situation is getting frustrating. It seems everytime there's a glimmer of hope of getting a deal the selling clubs dig their heels in refuse to budge from their ridiculous demands.

Let's see what happens over the next couple of weeks, but things seem to be stuck right now.
I'm pretty certain it's going to be Kalinic