Summer transfer window 2017
At the moment we're still negotiating the sale of Galliani era players.... which is the only reason why we haven't been able to negotiate for any purchases, at least not closing any anyway.

So long as Paletta and Sosa leave this mercato, I can put up with Niang's benchwarming antics for another 4 months. That said, I can see us bringing in a box to box (Renato S.) and a cheap winger before the mercato is out. 2 days and counting...
We got the young 'un's. We take out big gunz  Devilcool
(08-30-2017, 04:07 AM)sylrus Wrote: should be 10/10 if we manage to get what you saying porcho

I never give anything a 10/10 - that's just me... not my dream car. nor a dream girl... nothing's perfect. 9.5 for me is everyone else's 10...
here's a deal. want my 10/10... we don't need to sign anyone huge... a decent LW, decent box2box... what get's it to the 10/10 though would be selling off...
2 days left for the transfer window.

Latest news:

- Keita's gone to Monaco for 30+5m. He replaces Mbappe who completed his PSG move for 150m.
- Sosa apparently rejected the Turkish offer as he deemed it too low
- Gomez also rejected the offer for the same reasons and his agent claimed that he's staying
- Simic linked with a loan exit after Gomez move stalled
- No updates on Niang yet
- With Keita gone, I have no clue who might we be considering for LW?
- Alexis Sanchez has handed in a transfer request... City had a 50m euro bid rejected. They've countered it with a 50m + Sterling bid today according to reports.
julian draxler?
I understand it's kinda hard, especially when Galliani management gave so much deadwood big pay + big duration, the only options i could think of, is just we pay some of their wages.
This management set the bar really high in June and July that it is almost impossible for us to not be a little disillusioned with the activities in August. Overall, I am impressed with the work they have done, but of course, there are things that I thought we could've done better.

I am still not sure why we signed Kalinic in August. I am not saying the player wouldn't be useful here, but if he was always going to be the target, then we should've and could've signed him much earlier. By waiting until August, we basically wasted Kalinic's entire training camp for nothing. I also think his signing is a bit redundant with Silva. I mean, we spent over 60M buying these two strikers while having a major hole in LW. That money could've gone to Keita or someone similar instead.

And then all these players that took us so long to sell. I realize that it is difficult, but I just didn't see the urgency at the beginning of the month for us to work on these sales. Niang was even still starting for us in our friendlies. The fact that these guys were on the transfer list should've been communicated loud and clear since the beginning of the window, which would, at least theoretically, speed up their departure.

I read that we were linked with Keita again the last couple of days, and I did not believe it for a single second. This team has 9 new starters already, and I don't think coaching staff or management wants to integrate another major piece that would basically reset any progress we have made already. Plus, Keita's agent is...almost Raiola-esque with his dealings. It is understandable to want to go to a team, but the commitment Keita made to Juve is just...ridiculous. Also, Kudos to Lotito for holding firm nd getting exactly what he wanted. He didn't have to sell to Juve and got the best price he could've imagined for the player.

It doesn't seem like we are going to bring anyone else in, which is fine since we have so many new pieces already. Overall, the market was very good, and the new management hit a lot of the right buttons. Of course, things are never perfect, but I have faith in FM to take us on the right path.
Despite two G style "reinforcements" (Borini and Kalinic) we must not be greedy and unthankful. Mercato was more than good. Lot of money was spent and we bought some quality players even one world class. That only shows how bad situation was when pedo and G left. All their mess just can't be fixed in one mercato (at least not without spending 400-500 millions),but important steps are made.
Avaiting for arrival of exorcist into our boardroom.
Agree. Even if we stay as we are, the summer has been excellent. We basically bought ourselves a brand new team. We are in a position to fight for the CL, which is what we all wanted (if being realistic).

Hopefully, this squad will qualify for the CL and we will then be in a position where next summer we only buy 2-3 players out of which a couple can hopefully be world class. That's really where we want to be. Buying 2-3 players rather than 12-13.

The disappointing part of the summer is the fact that we failed to get rid of Sosa, Paletta, Niang, and even Bacca (I know he is not here, but there is only an option on the loan and there is a good chance he will be back again next summer). Obviously, it's hard to blame the current management for this. Most of this stuff is out of their hands. All they can do is transfer list the players and tell their agents to find other clubs. They can physically force the players to leave, even if we have been doing something close to that by excluding them from games and publicly saying that the reasoning behind it is the transfer market.

BUT, there is still a little bit of time so anything can happen. I don't expect any fireworks, but if we manage to sell off a couple of the players that are transfer listed, then we can expect one or two (loan) signings.
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