Summer transfer window 2017
Well, UEFA just opened a formal investigation into PSG and FFP. People were worried about us, that should occupy those boys and girls for a while....
That's all BS. Even if they "find out something irregular" they will punish them with money fee or something. If you have 402M for two players than you certanly have to pay that punish fee.
Untill punishment for breaking FFP is not disqualification from uefa competitions as CL and LE - FFP should be shouldn't exist. But of course ,bussines will never let happen that club like PSG get kicked out of CL. They just need to suspend that mockery and let people spend what they have.
Avaiting for arrival of exorcist into our boardroom.
The investigation is only on the Neymar deal I think, there's something fishy with the way he was bought and paid for. Mbappé was signed on loan with obligation to buy next season so they haven't paid for him yet.
(09-01-2017, 03:08 PM)PassiamoAlleCoseFormali Wrote: There is a backdrop yesterday Aubameyang he was at Gallarate (10 minutes to Milanello)he hoped to the last he could go at Milan.

He was visiting family.He knew he wasnt joining Milan he wasnt there in hope
The thing with PSG, is that they made purchases, yes but they haven't actually matched that with revenues yet. However, you also have to remember that UEFA will be checking on a seasonal basis, and this season has only just started. They have the pieces that they can sell off to recoup on their purchases, it's only a matter of settling this before the season is over.

And just like us, if we go by net spend, we probably paid out 230M in transfers, whilst recouping 50-60M in sales. To be honest we actually didn't spend all that much for the year. At least not an amount that we cannot earn back during this very season (even though we have 3 more seasons to return to profitability). I highly doubt we'll be in hot water with FFP, despite everyone's fears so far. What it means is that we are actually healthy enough to do something similar in the upcoming mercatos, but instead of spending all that for a bunch of players, we'll only be buying a couple of higher quality ones.

Also, I'm willing to bet that PSG might just be forced into a fire sale in January in order to balance their books. With our current war chest (remember we actually had around 40M allocated for our star striker that went unspent during the summer) added to the funds for January, we might be the most ideally prepared to take advantage of this situation come January.

What I find funny is that it seems some fans are thinking that we will only spend in this mercato and then everything will end up as before the takeover. I highly doubt that will be the case. We already have funds allocated to spend in January, and also in the next 2 summer mercatos. If we manage to add to our sources of income during that period, that war chest will only go up.
We got the young 'un's. We take out big gunz  Devilcool
Is there going to be a winter transfer thread? Rumours are we are after Jankto for Jan transfer. I like the fact that we are after young players instead of always after oldies.
Closing this one in the next few days, any one is free to open winter transfer thread Smile
Representatives from Trabzonspor is still in Italy to negotiate a deal for José Sosa. The Turkish transfer window closes next week. Fingers crossed.
(09-02-2017, 01:53 PM)reza Wrote: Closing this one in the next few days, any one is free to open winter transfer thread Smile

Hopefully there can still be some meaningful activities within the new few day.. Wink
I liked Sosa last year, I thought his passing range was pretty decent... Better than Montolivo IMO.